Monday, March 3, 2008

Hiccups to answer !!!

All of us must have read the terrible crap that comes under the name of graffiti or 'Ask the Aunt' in the newspaper supplements or magazines. Believe me it is interesting the first few times you read it but then you get the same questions and the same answers and you are fed up of it.

Almost always there is a boy who is in love with almost always a girl or vice versa. And almost always the letter is written after one of them suddenly starts neglecting the other after a long frenship. Almost always the answer is have a straight talk with him/her and clear your thoughts Blah Blah Blah. What does the answerer think?? The first thing he/she done after recieving the faint hint she/he was being neglected was take a piece of paper and write to them? How dumb !!!

Then comes the turn of those diddly couply hit pair who have had everything going well till the family plays culprit. And then what do we have for answer. Its your life and it is up to you to choose what is best for you. Then come those who have the guilt of sleeping with someone over a party and those who are not able to identify what their problem is. They write the letter just to see what comes out of it and the letter is accepted just to see how it goes with the people. Answers have no hesitation in stating Identify your problem first !!!

Why dont we have questions like the ones below and really beautiful answers for them. I am sure bloggers are intelligent enough to answer them.

What do I do if at a dinner table both my left hand side and right hand side partners are engaged in deep conversation with people adjacent to them leaving me alone (and embarrassed)?

What do I do when someone praises me excessively in a public situation ?

How do I tell someone I am afraid of something without letting him make fun of it ?

Err....Lookin for really good answers.....


bt_crist said...

1. no body is so numb that they ll leave u alone n they themselves start talkin. everybody on this planet earth seeks fun, n who is more entertrainer dan u.

2. be happy.

bt_crist said...

3. as far as this one is concerned....lolz...i don mind

even i suffer frm this one.

seeks answer. shed some light guys.

zahid said...


Hi !!! Yo ~~~ I am happy err...flabbergasted err..felicited that you called err..named ...err said that i am an entertainer....And i think you will get the answer soon !!! Just wait for a intelligent blogger !!!!


bt_crist said...

no but, wat i said is undisputedly true, n u r really worthy of ur humours n puns n anecdots.

bt_crist said...

n yeah m waiting.

zahid said...

@bt_crist - 2

I think you have a strange habit of doing things in multiples of two... And i presently am more desperate for you than myself for gettin an answer !!!


bt_crist said...

wat ever u say.

bt_crist said...

apun ko sab kuch chalta hai...

n hey, this time u provoked me.

AVINASH said...

Thr is only answer for all these


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

i like this post! nice topic! really really. maybe i'll write bout stuff reated to *Agony Aunt* soon too. :)

bout the answeres..umm:
1. Its the age of the cellphones. SMS someone to call you up, then excuse yourself..scoot! There is no point in sitting with people who dont even have such basic etiquettes anyway.

2. Say thank you graciously if you think you deserve all the praise, else laugh it off..change the topic.

3. Dont tell that particular person. There is no sense in telling people your FEARS when they only gonna laugh at you. Nah, noone deserves that.
Oh btw, talking bout myself, I would have gone ahead and told the person. If it got a "haha" from them, I would make sure they realise they're wrong.

hehe! wow..havent written so much for a comment in a long long time! :)

Nits Pandita said...

1.Of all three qns, this one is probably the toughest one and nice.
Mebbe you could do something interesting or rather could be of universal interests. like start a nice discussion or even a small debate!

2. All i can say is...Bask in the GLORY dude!

3. Well you could start with cooking up a sensitive story(which i am sure. u are pretty capable of!)
as in...if you are scared of snakes, u can start like..
i was on a trekking trip with my old school pals in some damn remote corner of maharashtra, and a snake donno from where came up and bit my friend later we had some trouble in locating a medic for him, but thanks to GOD he survived the ordeal!!!!!

i know sounds so damn fake..but i hope u are getting my point!

bt_crist said...

@ busy writer

but when some body laughs at our freak outs, it makes our moral down. n then juss to save the moment, v laugh at them.

but at the end of the day, when we summerrise the whole thing, we feel down abt ourselves...n it's too bad if v don like ourselves...i hope u got my pt.

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Hmm, you got me all wrong. I basically meant, there is no point whatsoever in telling your FEARS to a particular someone, sumone whom you're sure will laugh at you because, noone deserves that kinda shit. But, talking bout myself, I would have gone ahead and told that someone whatever i wanted to..but if they did laugh, I would make sure they realised and blah blah and all that jazz... and NOT laugh along with them, "jus to save the moment". Why pretend to be okay with something you're not eh?
you get me now?

matty said...

1.follow my grandma's good old rule..
never talk much while u eat!!

2.feel elated..
but make sure..
he is prasing for real and being sattarical..or making fun of you..

3.well.. i sometimes tell my friends staright forwardly..
i tell them..guys accept the way i am..
i cannot change..and its ok..
i am brave to be a coward!

btw..i am not a coward..that was an eg..

Vandita said...

1) excuse urself and get outta there or take out ur cellphone and call one of ur frnds...better still text msg ur left and right hand partners to turn their heads...

2) blush profusely and enjoy the attention...try and turn the tables

3)well see if its possible that u get talkin abt fears and that person also admits to being afraid of something...since u know his/her fears now he/she wont make fun of urs.

bt_crist said...

@ busy writer

k. got it. thanks.

bt_crist said...

@ vandita

3. well in such a case...each n every time, counter attacking each other won't ruin d relationship.
(yep, this may be a case, not always.)

ther has to be a middle way....!!

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Hmm that was quite interesting!My advice would be :

1.Just engage the person opposite you!

2.Be gracious and say thanks and change the topic.

3.Come on now,be a man and tell them you are,in private of course!

As they say,good advice is beyond price :D

*~*Sameera*~* said...

And I still wonder how you posted this on March 3rd.Lol!

Solitaire said...

I see that a budding young smart aleck writer decided to visit you too!!

1) WTF! I would suggest that you sneeze loudly so they at least say, "Bless you!" and then you ask them if they have a tissue, and while they fumble around for one, you start making conversation. Howzzat?

2)Just give them a beaming smile and keep saying "oh well, thank you!!" and say thank you louder each time!

3)Do you really really have to tell them? Sometimes, you have to laugh with people when they start laughing at you. That way they are shocked about why you are laughing and stop laughing. Makes sense?

zahid said...


Oh...Thank you for being a critic in my absence !!! But what did i do to provoke you???

zahid said...


Hehe...Perhaps yes !!!

zahid said...

@busy writer

You hav written your next post here it seems...Thank you for the wonderful suggestions !!! Unfortunately i cant reply a longer comment !! Lolz !!!

zahid said...

@busy writer and bt christ

Hope both have understood each other :) ;)

zahid said...

@nits pandita

Baskin in the glory yes....But not being comfortable with it ...thats the prob !!!

zahid said...


You were very parctical matty...And lolz at never speak while eating !!!

zahid said...


Sweet factory answers !!! but just htink how would it be if you really smsed him to turn the head !!!

zahid said...

@btcrist on vandita

I think therz nothing wrong in doing wont hamper any relationship as long as you do it in a proper way !!!

zahid said...


Hehe the opposite person...Why not !!! just hope he isnt busy either !!!

And even i am surprised i posted this on marvh 3rd

zahid said...


I was lookin forward to you especially you are incharge of these questions.... The third answer is somethign i try to turns out well almost

puresunshine said...

1. If people around you are in a deep conversation and u don't know much about the subject, it's better to keep eating ur food. But then again, if they are pausing a bit n talking n u want to feel "noticed" then ask a question about what exactly say "the benefits of a coalition govt could be according to left-hand side guy". Getting the drift? And if they are rude, then start talkin abt sports with the guy sitting opp u. A tip: It helps if u have a buddy around who can save u from the situation as u can run a parallel conversation with him. If all fails, pretend u have a call n move out. Consolidate ur thots n come back again!

2. someone praises ya, then just be humble. :) and smile!

3. no need to discuss ur shortcomigs with those who dont know u. if they do know, they wont laugh n even if they do it is all btwn friends, they"ll help ya overcome it too!

ive become agony aunt for sure! ;)

zahid said...


Yeah got the drift and you seem quite practical !!! I think i will shower you with more quesitons soon !!!

divya said...

sweetu are u starting ur own grafitti here :O :D

AVINASH said...

ohhkkk heres some reply for the comment but i would rather suggest first one is better but neway....

1.netime newher words come next to face xpression .it come from a movie dialogue duno from which one but "its better to speak than to write". but seeing the other; he/she must understand the other hasn't got enough to face him/her to tell his opinion.But the beauty of neglecting tells u the value of other.Of course the gr8 "ego"factor must be taken in to consideration.

2.Its about love which itself has a meaning which includes "trust".The level they trust each other can make their decision against family easy.

3.They know that they r doing a mistake wen they r doing it.They just dunno tat "that thing" is not the actual prob of their life they r having (in general case)... in particular cases not xactly sleeping they dunno it as wrong wen doing ... so they nee to try to forget.dont ask me why b'coz these cases we cant tell them they didnt do wrong thing.

4.if they r embrassing u ,then ask one of them to take xchange seat with u'll either know whether they r wantedly doing tat or not.. otherwise if they r speaking something u dunno try to grasp new info... another case is follow soliataire b'coz i cant think of such decent way of doing things b'coz u know my way....

5.praising ...ahhhh ... i think a balanced person can know about himself rather than others unless and untill they r ur real and good ,thick frnds u have no need to bother making an xception that if u know y they r doing it (if they do it for u getting a prize say thnx... or blush da...)

6.coming to My fav question here u go ... I would go for my best frnds ... otherwise if its compulsory i would use the famous thing to do "get real serious " wen he makes fun of you...

neway i would still go with the "TAKE IT EASY POLICY" It rocks Da......

AVINASH said...

wowww .. tat must be longest ever comment on ur blog .... :D

Solitaire said... were looking forward to me...
Thank you!

Lena said...

good topic brought up :)

well.. it is hard to come up with intelligents answers :D

1. Why dont you just join a conversation, i mean it is not exactly difficult to talk to the same people unless they discuss some private things. If it doesnt work out, just eat. They miss out on a lot of good food :D

2. Well, thank you is always the best option. Try to change the topic and make some joke about you being so great and get so much praise. Of course if you dont mind laughing at yourself. :P

3. You know normal people wont laugh at your fear. They are supposed to be understanding. And if they are not, then you have chosen the wrong person to tell about your fears.

Cinderella. said...

-----------------------------------**What do I do if at a dinner table both my left hand side and right hand side partners are engaged in deep conversation with people adjacent to them leaving me alone (and embarrassed)?**

Nothing, just tap them on their shoulders and say, "Guys, hello, excuse me..! I guess I'm part of the party ? Couldja oblige ??"

**What do I do when someone praises me excessively in a public situation ?**

Simple ! Bolna, " Aww...thats very kind of you really to be overpricing me. But I sure am over-whelmed none-the-less."

**How do I tell someone I am afraid of something without letting him make fun of it ?**

Hmm..yeh soche wali baat hai. Tell, " Dude, I dont think I'm quite sure about this. Lets try something else that can interest us both."
Ab bata, was that passable ??

The Mad Girl said...

1. eat.
2. gloat
3. Find out what he is afraid of.
Tee hee hee.

zahid said...


Oops !!! no !!

zahid said...


Sure this is the ongest comment evver
And doubly sure that its better to take it easy ;)

zahid said...


You are Welcome !!!!

zahid said...


Hehe at missing out a lot of food... I guess we must concentrate on eating alone...especially at a feast

Somya said...

lol..very interesting post...well I believe the right n most apts responses to the situations you mentioned wld be unique to you as you are...
1) ignore and concentrate on food afterall thats what u r sitting there for.
2) Laugh it off graciously witout iffending the other chap.
3) well this will depend to a large extent on the person u r confessing to...a person who is sensitive to others would never make fun of you and the who is insensitive wld make fun of u in any case. But then nobody is perfect n everybody is scared of one or the other thing in this world.

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

whoa.. u've gt sum interestin replies here.. lemme c..

1. if u've got interestin food on the table.. thn don't bother grab attention..
instead i suggest u grab d food while d others talk..

baad me baat kr lena ..

2. unless they r false praises..
enjoy it while it lasts..

3. why dya hv to tell ur fears to sumone who might laugh at u?? u dnt!!
if u do hv to.. dnt worry.. everybody hs some fear.. (cockraches maybe?!!) find out their's n badla lo!!!

zahid said...


Of course that is passable...but a bit diff for someone like me !~!!

zahid said...

@mad girl

Eat and gloat huh ???
Shweetu !!

zahid said...

@somya here Believe those the best htings to do !!!

zahid said...


Hmm...Cockroaches indeed !!! I will keep that option always in mind...But what if suddenly i meet a cockrophile???

satya_eee1 said...

Nice blog dude....
keep posting...

PC said...


A cool mantra to avoid every problem..

He He..

Matangi Mawley said...

hmm.. gud1!

1) try evesdropping any1 of the conversations.. if it goes too stupid.. u can always have fun.. for i m sure u ve a gr8 sense of humour.. else if its serious.. u can always make it stupid and absurd by taking part in it n have fun!

2) whn ppl praise u excessively, i sometimes feel that they do it to get u to praise them.. u can see it in our film industry where if 1 artist praises another.. the other praises the 1st one and so it goes on.. so u do the same! praise the 1 who praises u! do it deliberately..

3) normally, i believe ppl. should nt make fun of sme1 whn they speak out their fears.. bt this doesnt happen most time.. so express about u'r fear in a humourous way.. i think it sometimes even helps u overcome u'r own fear too..!

zahid said...


Thnx dude..I will

zahid said...


Yes dude...Cool one for everyting

zahid said...


Yep..You have again given some practicial soultions to those questions!!!

manisha said...

:(......m nt gud at this..answering questions..!!!! nd giving advice...u oughta pay these fellow counsellors now!! :)

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