Sunday, February 24, 2008

I take bath 7 times a day !!!

Err...Hic Hic and Yippee !!! It feels great to come back to bloggerville. As I sit down to write a post on no particular topic in general, I had to switch on my fan. That meant that was the end of winter. That also means the following : No more excuses to get up late !!! No more excuses to snug lazily in the room !!! '&' No more excuses not to take bath !!!

Now this last one is a very serious problem. Especially after performing only 5 baths(as if it were a rare ritual) in the whole of winter, coming back to a bath a day is a very drastic change. What will happen if my body doesnt get accustomed? Aha...This is my new excuse for the next few days.

But soon this wouldnt work and so, i have already started thinkin of new excuses for this summer.

1.First thing you should learn to change the topic as soon as the question arises. For example

Mom : Zahid, Go take a bath !!! Its been 2 days..
Me : Ya ya...By the way yesday there was a music concert in kala parishad. Why dint you go?
Mom : I dint know about it....First go to bath...afterwards we will talk
Me : I will... I will.... but today is the last day of the concert. It comes only once in a year here
Mom : Is it ??? Does it need any ticket booking?
Me : Gosh !!! Yes..I think i will get it now itself. Other works afterwards.
Mom : Go...Be back soon !!!

And this way i escape bath !!! By the way i tell you there was no such concert. After roaming around for an hour or so I return and say "Sorry, the last day of the concert was yesteday itself" and in the grief of missing that concert she forgets about the bath.

2. Second ace up my sleeve : Avoid it all day in the morning sayin you will do it in the evening. And then as soon as the sun sets sneeze for a while which will startle all mothers that you would develop influenza if you bathed.

3. Read all about aquaphobia and then show symptoms of it till they themselves keep you away from water !!!

4. And then try ALLERGY FUNDA !!! Whenever i used to go to relatives house and they used to pour all kinds of food items in my plate I used to refuse a few things by saying I had an allergy for it. And i hope you understood how this can be used here too !!!

5. And have a spanner at your disposal. You dont know when all other things fail and you would have to close the overhead water valve. ;)

Err..These ones will do for this summer. Bye, I am off to take a bath !!!

P.S : Dont stop talkin to me or neglecting my blog because of this post !!! I was kiddin... Till now not a month has passed in which I havent bathed. Err...


divya said...

lolz u sweet liar, the other day u told me that u take bath once every two months :O :P and now change it to once every month :x

*~*Sameera*~* said...

That was so cute!

Even if you really bathe only once a week,I would still call you my Bhai :)

But I pity "her"!Lol

The conversation with your Mom reminds me of how I keep wasting time before going to take bath on holidays!

Have a great week ahead dear :)

Lena said...

lol lol lol
was funny read, but i will not tell you that.
Btw does it mean you have not used colgate as well? :D

The Mad Girl said...

go take a bath now!! and your excuses are not gonna work this time.:P
supercute post.

AVINASH said...

Do we actually need to wry about anyone now ...I mean in hostel....:D

Lets have a bet... we both start with a new soap same day and see who finishes first :D....
bet is whoever loses must bath daily 3 times for a week...

zahid said...

@lucky di !!!

Maine jhoot bola....Can i tell a lie ???

Ahem...Of course i can !!!

zahid said...


Oops...I forgot abt her...keep this a secret !!! Great week I will !!! same to ya !!!

prachi said...


no comments.... *straight face*
tch tch :P

Vithya said...

hehe..comin to think of it..i find lotsa stupid excuses for not studyin,maybe i should post one on it :P

wenever i read ur blog i'm reminded of Saki's words
"romance at short notice was her speciality"
lol..u might change that to his :D

Solitaire said...

As long as you use deo, wear fresh clothes, and wet your hair a bit, you should be fine.

bt_crist said...

thnks for ur comment on one of my blog.
keep it up
v can ve continous postings.
adieu for now.

Sanyukta said... likh do yaar "Nahi nahane ke 101 Bahane". Bestseller hogi

You sure ur mom won't read ur blog? :D

zahid said...


No...remove colgate and substitute cinthol !!!

zahid said...

@mad girl

I am feelin dizzy...i think i will go for a bath

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

lol.. me n my bro have a contest of not bathing for the longest time every winter!!! n it goes on for atleast a month!!!
its 1 of the reasons i wanna go to antartica!! no need to even brush ur teeth!! HEAVEN :P

Cinderella. said...

Eeeewww.....Zahid...go take a batch right now you freak !!!
Use marega kya...???

Btw, my mom harangues me (oh, harangued,I aint at hime anymore...aww...shucks!)...all the time...he he !!

Have a nice week sweety !

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

*cough cough*
this is called findin cute topics when there is nothin to write bout ;) :D :P

nicee :D

:) and am postin this to your mum :P

zahid said...


I wont hold the bet..The prospects are too against me if i loose !!!

zahid said...


Straight face !!! :( i want a convex face !!!

zahid said...


Thatz a very sweet compliment...Thank you !!!

Nits Pandita said... true just came back from jammu and its colder than here in mumbai!
i didnt even take bath on the day my brother got married...used my fav deo and applied hair-gel..was successful in fooling everyone..lolz!

zahid said...


I dont do any but i havent recieved any complaints as yet !!

zahid said...


Hi and thank ya for coming !!!

zahid said...


Yeah..I am almost sure..otherwise too i have excuses !!! hehe

zahid said...


Heavens yes..And if you get a visa for there tell me too...I will be joining you !!!

zahid said...


Nahi...No..Nahi !!! aise mat bolo !!! I took bath 7 times a day !!!

zahid said...

@busy writer


And please dont do the last word you said !!!

zahid said...


Haha.. thiz is the height..I dont know how i would have got away from such a situation !!!

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

you must be my long lost brother!

matty said...

nice post..
having a bath is such a tiresome activity esp for a lazy guy like me..

zahid said...

@poison coated elixir

Welcome and then in that case was it you who drove me out of the house for not takin the bath. Err... :)

zahid said...


Yeah yeah..i can unstand that !!!

ad libber said...

Damn, you should have written this post earlier. All through winter, I almost died trying to convince Ma why bathing is the most dangerous activity known to man, second only to cleaning your room.
I wont make it a month. probably a week for me.

zahid said...


Make sure you use them next winter !!!

Solitaire said...

Hey check my latest post in WARM FUZZIES..I have a comment about showering there which might amuse you.

Patchez said...

spilling the watery beans are you?? ;)

me baths twice a day! and you hygiene freako... you will suffer dry skin if ya bath seven times!!

Vandita said...

ROFL, mast bahane hain... me will use some this summer ;)
btw i missed u loads when u weren't here and missed readin u when i wasn't here ...:)

manisha said...

for gods sake its nly a bath :P......nd nd nd.....u dnt use perfumes..omg!!! mnmmn...ok....1 thng s gud...u r saving water...doin ur bit to save the earth :)

zahid said...


Im coming !!!

zahid said...


Hehe... :( I am a born hygiene freako !!!

zahid said...


umm..where has this sugar factory gone ???

zahid said...


Hic..I dint know i was upto something good !!

Dar$h! said...

hummm i din't know u read my poems just saw ur comment n here i m ...thinking as to what would be a right comment to what i just read right no w(ur blog)

i must say one thing ..though ..ur writing is very humours..