Sunday, September 30, 2007

Engineering Martyrdom

So much has happened, How do I sum up the whole of it in a few words? Starting with the Euphoria of India’s first ever world-cup win after my birth to witnessing one of the worst rains that lashed our college, it made a really busy week.

And to add salt to the wounds the platitude of classes fails to cease. Ufff…We want to say something but we never mention….Here’s the only chance to utter it all....

(Amongst the brouhaha we hear someone faintly shouting at the top of his voice)
Prof: Hello! Hello! (Strikes the duster)
will u let me take the class???
We: Well, actually no….it would be better if you depart the class accusing us of a bunch of fishmongers who aren’t one penny fit to be part of such an institute
(but we actually end up hushing each other until complete silence is achieved and then slowly start it all over again)


(In the class)
Prof: You! You! Stand up!! Did you understand?
I(wanted to): How would I?
I(had to do): Just give a nod
Prof: Tell me why the guide vanes are parallel and not perpendicular
I(wanted to): Firstly bcoz you said so and secondly bcoz you were told so and thirdly bcoz it was told by someone to your tolder that it was so..…
I(had to do): err….guides are well… vanes…so parallel and err….perpendicular….
Prof: Which portion dint you understand?
I(wanted to): All of it...what are guide vanes by the way
I(had to do): Just this last part!!!
(After explaining)
Prof: did u get it now?
I(wanted to): Grapes are sour no matter how many of them you have!!!
I(had to do): just give a nod


(In the labaratory)
Prof: Draw d line diagram and fix d job piece to the lathe machine and then come to me
(One hour passes….nothing is done…It is he who comes back and as he approaches)
One of us: God!!! He’s coming…look busy
Another of us: Gimme a pencil….fast
Yet another of us: Show him the last weeks drawing

Prof: (loosing patience) Not done yet!!! Fast, or I will put a zero to all of you…
(Yet another hour passes….. somehow something is connected and as he approaches)
One of us: God!!! He’s coming ….look busy
Another of us: Set in this direction…fast
Yet another of us: Show him whatever’s so far done
(Time is lucky…. He dint notice lateral feed wasn’t given and we end up with a modern shape of a hollow cylinder with all kinds of deformtities.....Alas he doesn’t appreciate that…)


(At the branch ceremony…..For a change there isnt a scorn on the prof’s face….As we all collect before the new gallery yet to be opened….well decorated and a ribbon infront…)

Prof(with elation): This department is as old as the first man born on earth and it has stayed firm over the years
…..(and on and on)
(we whisper…..)
One of us: He is such a pest!!!
Another of us: I am in no mood for a lecture
Yet another of us: When will the snacks be served?

Prof: Now let me officially inaugurate by cutting the ribbon
(We whisper)
One of us: He is such a pest!!!
Another of us: He prolongs everything!!!
Yet another of us: Just hope he doesn’t cut the ribbon lengthwise!!!

(Finally its over and we get some refreshments)


Just 1 ½ year left and I would have to leave them all….Engineering ain’t that pelting. All these incidents make sure it ain’t. And one day in the future we will look upon all these incidents and rue that it didnt last a lil longer......!
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