Sunday, April 27, 2008

I need a smile !!!

Last time I'd thought HOwever busy I was I would sneak past a few minutes and fill my blog. But I failed. I failed to open my personal blog too. I feel bad for not writing anywhere in between. For not recording any kind of facet in between either on my blog or my diary or plain paper. For havin lost out on thousands of words which were raised and then allowed to drift with the wind.

Stuck up is What I feel !!! When the happening of something good doesnt make you happy or the happening of something bad doesnt make you grumble. I am in that stage. I want time and space more than anyhting now. Time to do nothing. No boundings. No dead lines. Unlimited unlimited.....

I feel like being sucked in the rat race already. Dont know. Y should I do an MBA.....Why should I fall prey to more and more rats and while time in escaping from the big cats while I can plain have a pretty normal life in some PSU or a nominal firm which pays me sufficient enough to be called a middle class and where i have some appreciation for what I love.

I have understood the meaning of friendship when I dont find one of my closest friends now with me. Time I'd spent with him was almost half the time or even more When I wasnt sleeping or attending classes.


I feel like the dyslexic child in Taare Zameen par. Yet still while I am writing this I observe the time to be 5:53 pm. Hell, when i say i have to go fast not to fall back on the leftover work. And yet Its just a small time ago...I started....Not even 10 minutes. (I dont even feel like counting how much time passed).

Time lags laga lags.....And now that i turned the topic on time I am again blank. Forgot the thing I felt like writing. No one can be an island. If australia claims to be one THen its lying. You need to have a friend. A friend who would go out eating snacks with you everyday. Who would advise you to choose a particular toothpaste over another. Who would change your filthy shirt before going to a party. who would give you pleasant surprises when you dont expect and would be plain when you actually expect. who would share the last biscuit in a pack. who would fall upon you for some silly decision which would mtter no where. who would change the custom messages of your gtalk id just like that. who would plan a surprise gift for another common friend, who would share the worst of his times, who would share the best of his times., but will still not read your diary,.

I sometimes feel we should be allowed to cry more easily. Bcoz I personally feel crying helps you lower the pain. I dont want to go anywhere. I dont want to do anyhting. I dont want to stay forever. Good that humans are mortal.

And yet during this period we have our final years leaving us, someof them very dear to me, and when you find tag sllike nostalgic or bas 5 din or Over with life It cretes something in your stomach. I dont know even if it cna be called a butterfly effect.

They sit on the sand. no more are they conscious of the sand spoiling thier pants. Its broken free. Its allowed now. Pain to clean it all is okay now. They give away perks. If not now when??? They grow claustrophobic. They find hard to agree on the fact that thier closest friend whom they d spent all their 4 years , the one who was a stranger before the four years and who has become their strongest influence during the period.

I feel like a rat in a well furnished house. Who got everything, but hunger, who got lots of noise around, yet temporarily deaf, who lost his co companion in the hole, And worser the family residing in the house is moving away. What do you thinks happening.

I dont want to spend the small time I get in between thinking away all the nonsense. Planning for hte future is a big myth. Its best not to I guess. I want to enjoy. I havent done silly things for quite a long time. So long it was when i stopped everything and heard what i was supposed to. When i close eeverything and hear for a while I hear things i am overlooking, my fan thats rotating with a sound, Children playing with stones outside my second floor window, I can smell that hot air which is in my room, I can see leaves fluttering thrught he window. I can see one car or a bicycle or a bike pass by with a time gap on a sei deserted load. And the taste i get in my mouth is that of the used up saliva which you get once as you wake up. And that is what Id done just after waking up. Start writing.

And while i have to go now, I cant even check up what id written, No spell checks and no make it betters today !!! I will just put a tilte and a color and go !!! I will go !!! I want to return. Not just to the blogger but to a whole lot of things that i have kept waiting in my mind as second priority !!! I love you zahid. I really love you for all the things you know and you do.... intentionally or unintentionally !!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nonsense !!!

Its getting mad, madder. I want to open another blog of my own to write. Now this moment. That would be my own and private. Where I can write everything that I want to write with people's real names and real incidents everything uncensored. But Im so sleepy that i cant go through all the processes now.

Seriously over the past few days I'm dying in dilemma of what I must be doing with the next few years of my life. I did plan things.... They havent gone wrong. They are all in position. Somehow my own thoughts have changed. I dont want to continue with that.

Things are getting mad. Exams are going on. I dont complain. They are going on well. Atleast till now. Unlike the previous semesters I am satisfied this time with myself after writing. They dint go brilliant. I dint spoil them either. Though I am bent on maintaining : The best way to term them is Okayish to everybody no matter What position they occupy in your life.

Life is getting busier. I am loving it. Orkut has introduced a lot of widgets. One being typeracer. I feel sorry for my keyboard which I banged because I lost three races back to back. I am bloody angry at that. The same angriness that was on my face when I went to the mess and found the food over by that time and especially when it was a special dinner. Not everyday I get it.

Dont know...Bloody sleepy helluva..Still writing....coz I wanted to write and I couldnt open the private blog of my own now !!! No exaggerations...Nothing...No spice...Just plain nonsense !!! 2:28 A.M now...Never mind... I was awake worser than that.

Seriously I love you zahid except when you are such a pest to yourself !!! I hate you when you get mad !!! You make things just worse... Aah......Wish I could shout and no one could hear !!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mixed bag !!!

I feel sorry towards my blog. I have neglected it for more than 15 days. So many things have happened in between. Things that made me happy. Things that left me sad. Things that i would have blogged upon. Groan !!! And to tell the truth I wasnt so busy that I couldnt spare 1 minute to write a few lines but I wanted to write a lot on it. I think I should cover up all of them.

Placements : Infosys is the key word.(Dont ask me a treat) 31st March was the date. I am happy with it for now. But it has left me in a kind of dilemma. The dilemma of choosing my second job. The company played a big role in brushing up my mathematics gray cells that were dormant for near 3 years of my engineering life. I think i will dedicate a whole post on tips for an effective interview. But for now my interview went pretty cool.

One key is to bring the topic on what you can speak upon the best. When he asked me one thing that I could do best I turned the topic towards blogging and then when he asked Was this the only thing that I could do best I turned the topic towards Maths N Tech club, and the most part of interview went upon it. He asked of why they made me the presidnet of the club, what ws my contribution, how much was my contribution to the club, how much i loved it, what do you plan for the club in the coming year, etc; etc;.... For all these questions i did given him very convincing answers and the interview was a cake walk. Nothing technical was asked through out and Yo !!! I got selected.

Elections : Our college's elections for GS, AGS, President, Vice President, AGS Sports. An active part this time in elections campaigning for one of my very good friends in the college. Every year it was like 'Koi bhi jeete mujhe kya farak padta hai' But this time 'Farak HAI'. A mixed result came out - A bit happy a bit sad !!!

Recstacy : To all those alien to this word it is our college's official Cultural festival. I am pretty sure that in the next edition of the colleges official magazine 'Deja vu' this recstacy will be termed as 'A great success' , 'Biggest ever', 'Enthralling performances from the performers', 'Nerve stunning program' Etc; Etc; But I disagree. I dont say it sucked. But it was surely worser than the previous years. It left the majority of the community disappointed.

Grand viva : This is actually meant to be a viva of everything that you learn in the past 6 semesters. And believe me it looked a lot cooler to me than a subject specific one. But among the panel was one prof who is pretty much bent that i should not pass this semester. Had a hard time with him. Hic !!!

Entertainment : No TV or any movie or song updates for quite a while. Still the latest hit on the list is Jashne bahaara barring the exception 'Pehli nazar mein' of RACE !!! There were a lot of treats and parties though in this period. 2 Major farewells and 2 job treats for and from final years repectively and a lot of mini ones !!!

P.S : And finally Sunny days are here to stay. That doesnt mean that good times have come (My exams start in 5 days Growl !!!) It means that its started behaving like peak summer now. People please send me a watermelon each in memory of the good times we'd spent on the blogger. Err.....