Sunday, December 23, 2007

Of grandpa's in general !!!

Hmm.....part of being in a vacation continues!!! yesterday I had to attend a fucntion meant for some old people.... I was forcefully taken inspite of many pleads and excuses i gave to my mom!!! And i got ripe there (pak gaya). however there was one moment things lightened up and i post it here.....

There was a anchor on stage whose duty was to announce the name of those people and they would come up on the stage.... he seemed to hav a list of adjectives viz; 'active' 'energetic' 'dynamic' 'athletic' 'dedicated' 'sincere' etc; etc; out of which he assigned nay two to a particular person.To one of them he assigned 'ACTIVE AND DYNAMIC'. You must have seen the expressiononthe face when someone in hte audience shouted 'ACTIVE AND DIABETIC'.

I have nothing against grandfathers but wuld like to mention them in this post !!! some common questions you got to face from them

Where are you studying?
This is a question you will be asked by the same grand uncle every time you approach him!!! thats how they start !!! I have answered this question about 52,134 times and 2,134 times to the same person!!!

How are studies there?
I want to tell them that they are spelled the same allover inida S-T-U-D-I-E-S..... but gotta answer everythin's well !!!

Which branch of engineering?
I answer mechanical engineering and here they give the expression that it is a untouchable branch..for them only ece and cse are the branches!! and the point i did gone so far to study is stressed more than that the college is an nit. true i couldnt get those branches but i dint even opt for electronics or electrical......I feel mechanical suits me.

Two more quetions yu got to face from them when you go to your frenz house !!!!!

Where is your home???
As soon as you answer this question you will be asked if that is your own home as if they are going to gift you one if it was rented !!!

Waht does your father do?
Huh?? Early morning yoga teacher!!! from 6 am to 9 am as neighbourhood doodhwala and paperwala then 9 am to 6 pm in a mnc and then from 6pm to 9pm as a rickshaw puller and then 9pm onwards night watchman!!!! Any problems????

Thats life in hols....with grand pa's.....They are mostly retired and spend hours wathcing and hearing news....To-be engineers will get a lot of suggestions and things like 'you should make the country proud'...there are a particular species who lecture on aim of havin a goal and the goal in having an aim and blah blah .... Duh!!! During cricket matches you will find critizisms showered upon....and if in a loosing match if a bowler earns a hard-earned wicket it is termed a 'fluke'

But belive me they got an immense experience.....and i mean the word immense!!!!

P.S : Love you frenz!!! i will be back to unlimitedness soon!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Part of being in a vacation !!!

I dont usually go late to railway stations but this time I did and Thank god !!! Indian trains are late !!! I mean it. Thats the reason I could reach my home for the vacations. Like others even i would like to chip in with curses on indian trains !!! And what have i encountered ???

A monkey cap with perhaps a man inside (cant help it if the caps so so big)
A vendor with the face of a late-night-horror-show-orator selling 'samosas'
A beggar with a monkey trying to attract some animal-saver kind of individuals.

Now a days i dont feel pity at the beggars in the trains. dont know why ?? however pitiable thier condition is.... The only one that i would like to help is the one who calmly cleans the compartment and then sits still for a few minutes for alms...He even doesnt ask for them !!

And now a tribute to mothers :

  • If they werent there you would never be able to catch those early morning trains.
  • You must see the expression on her face when someone praises the food she cooks !!! Olympic winner !! (please do this frenz....makes her happy)
  • They are the one who make sure not twice but twelvice that u wouldnt drive above 40 on roads and go beyond a few meters at the beach.
  • They get desperate like hell when suddenly water supply ceases in the kitchen.
  • And you need to assure atleast a hundred times that you would not stand near the door on the train (when young it was not keeping hands outside the windows)

But I do stand at the door. Psst...she doesnt know how to scare me !! the threat that could drag me away is 'Dont stand there if u want your voter election card !!!' At the last elections i was just 17 or almost 16 and hence couldnt exercise my fundamental right !! now that i have crossed the so-called legal age i dont want to die before i vote ...atleast once.....*sigh* 18 As long as i can vote !!!

And now for grandmothers :

  • They get as desperate as mothers without water
  • They are so afraid of sitting on the back of a two-wheeler of their respective grand sons. And believe me i drive very slow (atleast when she sits) and god knows how grand ma of narain karthikeyan feels.
  • The only reason they agree to come to restaurants along with the whole family is to prove that they can cook the same recipe better than the 'restaurant wala'

*Sigh* Time to sign off !!! Lack of tiem you see !!! Limited internet at home !!!

P.S : This post took shape on a lousy train journey,....the same one which i catched by a whisker !!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The 8 facts Tag!!

Hey !!! This is my 25th post !!! So, silver jubilleee And over it I'm tagged !!! My first ever tag!!! thanks to divya !!! Who after jus reading one post was kind enough to give me one !!!! (I am smiling like anything) !!!! Okay now tag business!!! Let me start with this pic, which i stole from some blogger's blog who forgot to put up copyscape and anti piracy thing....(I would hav stolen it even if it was there....) Now for the 8 facts !!!!

1. Well, A zahid is a zahid is a zahid !!!! No,No, i dont think i am unique....but just i remebered this quote sayin "You must always remember that you are unique, just like anyone else !!!" I feel very happy bloggin.... Previously i din have any well-defined hobby and had to think a lot when asked about my hobbies....Now i have a defined one!!!!! - blogging !!!

2. Music is always running *playlists enqueued and shuffle on*.....there are some plusses when u r not at home but living alone in your hostel room....I can always jump and go gaga whenever i like without shocking anyone.And i can dance madly whenever i want....*I think i dance good when alone*

3. My bed will have something to complain here...coz i never get off it...No, its not that i sleep for long hours...but i do everythin from studying to eating to almost anything.....the bed is placed in the room in such a fashion that sittin on it i can reach my cupboards, open the door and even engage on the comp. I even *generously* donated my chair alloted to me coz i nevr needed it !!!

4. I never copy in exams..dont know why.... In school i never even showed my answer sheet to however I show my sheet. When another fren of mine came and told how frustrated he was coz he too couldnt copy but all others get extra marks doing this - I felt we were the partners in crime !!!

5. And i hate those (menacing) poeple who pretend to be nice when you go to their homes by putting more rice and more and more mutton chicken paneer stuff...while in actual my tummys filled up....I cant waste food !! i dont like wasting it....but i do it everyday...cant help it...I never finish my plate at hostel !!!

6. And yes....I never promise to anyone because i cant break promises !!! there are some rules i follow and i dont know why i cant break them !!!!

7. And I will marry early in life....may be at 24 ...dunno but i think i need a good fren for life...I got many frenz but no good frenz...perhaps except one !!! *And i wont marry him otherwise they will cal me gay*

8. And i am not all that nice and honest.... I dont mind breaking some traffic rules... read pirated books and watch pirated movies.... stole white sheets from my school so that i could write on it.... remember havin pushed someone into sewage drain when i was 10 and and only once in thrice return if the shopkeeper gives extra change !!!!

Yipeeee!! I completed my first ever tag!!! And as soon as i post it, it will be enjoyment time and i will go back to going gaga and mad merriment... especially my exams being over!!!
And here i tag my frenz who havent had a tag yet too.... patchez manisha pallav somya sneha garima matty

P.S : And i feel so sad, i gotta go home for 2 weeks which means i cant update my blog as i got no net at home !!!!