Monday, December 7, 2009

CAT 2009 Analysis for Pests

There has been a lot of hunky dory on CAT, the mouse and its effects. Mr.Chidiya (Name changed) has come up with some real cool tools for CAT aspirants:

1. Who said cheat codes do not work. Click XYZSPOON on your keyboard and your timer will rises up very rapidly. Since time shown is the 'time left' therefore it is good to have your time increasing.

2. Who said water was not allowed. You just had to type 'WATER PLEASE' and Aloha 100 units of water are allotted which is indicated at the top left corner of the screen. And what is more - you can have food, wood, gold and stone too by the same proces. Everything is allowed.

3. You can always refresh the timer by pressing F5.

4. You can always dismiss a question by reporting it spam and you wouldnt have to play such difficult levels again.

5. Cellphones are not allowed inside but yeah you can always log on to Complaints that players who already had an indyarocks account had an unfair advantage over those who did nt because it took a good amount of time to register.

Mr. Chideeya (Name changed twice to maintain anonymity) also claimed that the game had been very good to him coz it gave him an unfair advantage over others in aspects like:

1. Due to capacity constraint some had to do with camlin pencils and some apsara and those who got the former benefitted due to extra long nib life. However it had a free eraser (and free things suck), so you couldnt rub anything. but that was manageable.

2. While some got A4 sheets for rough work, some got A3.9 sheets which left them with approximately 1.2 cm2 less paper to work upon.

3. Some candidates who had strong vitamin A content prior to the game - i hope you get it. Claims are on that in the biometric check prior to the game should even gauge vitamin A quotient and subsequently scores normalised. (Candidates of Bengali domicile whose staple food is fish, the most important source of vitamin A will automatically see 10 marks deducted from their net score. Other coastal region students will also witness 5-10 marks deduction depending on the topography and fish price index)

4. Candidates in second slot also had an unfair advantage of vitamin - D and NIN, hyderabad is working out on a formula to normalise slot 1 and slot 2 points/scores. (However CAT convener dismissed all claims regarding the effect of vitamin D on performance as false.)

Some more news from prometric regarding steps to be introduced next year:

1. Taking into consideration the different physical levels of candidates, they have to come to the test locations 5 hours prior to the test where the candidates will be verified and then fed so that their protien/vitamin/mineral content are equal before going into the exam. (Coaching institutes are already claiming that they are geared up for this new version and would hire dieticians to boost their students performance.)

2. However no normalisation would take place between those who pray to God more ferverntly than others because 'Right to religion and expression' are alreasy present in fundamental rights of india. However foreign nationals applying have to go through a 'What percent do you believe in GOD' test on facebook and submit the results with the url duly attested by MD, facebook india.

3. However there is no returning to the paper-pencil format as amount of paper that comes into usage has drastically reduced. Only pencils are used for working on rough sheets given in any slot. They will be taken back and rubbed using an eraser and will be recycled in the subsequent slot thereby minimising wastage further. (Candidates can apply for the post of 'Chief Rough sheet rubber' on or before CAT 2010 and they will be compensated in the grade 8000 - 12000 depending on prior experience).

Well, Thats CAT 2009 - Analysis discussions for pessimists out there. You get a chance and you critify(good word) anything. Unless you breach non-disclosure agreement how do you even know that questions repeat or get copied. Personally i think it is a step forward and everything should go much smoother next year.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A decade ago !!!

Well, I saw this old Complan Ad of Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia on Youtube at and couldn't stop wondering how big actually i have grown.

So, I decided that I'd make my own list for all of us, who are now in early twenty's and our childhood spent in India, This must be true for most of us:

1. Unlike our younger siblings, we have seen a sparrow and have chased squirrels
2. It was mandatory to buy tinkle digest at railway stations
3. There was conflict on whether mercury or pluto was the smallest planet.
4. 50% of our grandparents always fought with the other 50% (grandma Vs grandpa)
5. We have seen a million distinct coconut trees (More so for Southern India)

6. Udit narayan sang the majority of songs but sonu nigam was the hot favorite.
7. Our grandfathers had newspaper cuttings of 1960's and 1970's.
8. Sales of babool gum and boomer were due to the free tattoos that came along.
9. Essel world was the place to go.
10. Veerappan - We know who he is and what he is

11. We know what Asian sky shop is
12. There was infinite stock of nebasulf powder at home to spray on our wounds.
13. Mangoes came not in multiples of 13 but in multiples of 50.
14. Akshay kumar was someone who could do only action movies like perhaps sunil shetty and sunny deol.
15. NRI's(primarily from US, Dubai and sharjah and sometimes singapore) who came to visit our house had to bring chocolates.

16. Only half of these foreign chocolates were tasty enough to eat.
17. Unlike daily sops we had to wait one whole week to watch our favorite program.
18. William shakespeare ruled the English text books.
19. An imaginary tooth fairy came to pick our broken milk teeth.
20. Election day was a welcome holiday not on the calendar.

21. We had some really insane Michael Jackson Fans as friends.
22. Shahrukh khan movies were watched atleast twice.
23. The pink candy at exhibitions and fairs was the tastiest thing on earth.
24. We somehow did not like mahatma gandhi over other freedom fighters
25. However we were surprised that our social teacher gave him so much credit.

26. We would run to the terrace as soon as we hear a helicopter/aeroplane engine chugging.
27. We loved and feared the view atop the giant wheel.
28. Amitabh Bachan still did lead roles for films.
29. Cricket matches were held in sharjah also.
30. We were prohibited from climbing a ladder for fear we would fall.

31. We did climb the ladder atleast once.
32. We started experimenting our signature we hoped to use when we grew up.
33. If Amrish Puri is in a movie then he is the villain.
34. It was mandatory to be awake until midnight for newyear.
35. Cartoon network rocked. Tom and jerry Rocked.

36. We wished we had alladin's genie and magic carpet kaleen.
37. Our first spinach lunch was after we watched the popeye show.
38. Mowgli and his jungle was mandatory every sundays.
39. We played WWF cards atleast once.
40. April Fool was done by showing a lizard which wasnt there.

41. Fathers were allowed to go only to 'The Office' without taking us children.
42. We waved at the trains at the rail-road crossing.
43. A 5 story building could easily be the tallest edifice in our town.
44. Aishwarya Rai made us proud when she became the miss world.
45. We knew how to make boats and aeroplanes with paper.

46. The school principal was someone to be afraid of.
47. Newton was the jack of all trades - Science , social , maths What not..
48. Goats were real cute creatures to feed.
49. Shankar dayal sharma was answers to one of the G.K.Questions.
50. Finding a 25 paise coin on the road was also profitable.

51. Empty tooth paste boxes and broken bangles were also things to play with.
52. We know the rules of kabaddi and kho-kho.
53. S.Radhakrishnan was a hero on teachers day.
54. We had our own collectin of hotwheels/barbie dolls.
55. We hated to share this collection with other kids.

56. People came form nowhere and pulled our cheeks and asked if we remembered them.
57. The number of ambassador cars were countless.
58. The way to choose who played first was In-pin Safety pin.
59. Penguins and Zebra's were fascinating but never found in a zoo.
60. Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean all seemed the same.

61. Spotting France on the world political map was an achievement.
62. Knowing more than 100 country capitals stood us a marvel.
63. Identifying these country flags too and we were a child prodigy.
64. There was a bottle of rasna at home always.
65. Titanic/Jurassic park was the first English movie we saw.

66. It was fun to read station names from a speeding train.
67. If Pickles were not home-made they were 'PRIYA Pickles'
68. The only way to drive away mosquitoes were good night mats.
69. We have seen movie posters on stick-no-bill signs.
70. Oxygen was indeed 21% of the composition of the air.

71. Photosynthesis was the longest word in English
72. School bus was the longest way to reach the house.
73. Popcorns in theaters and eclairs in groceries were mandatory.
74. Hibiscus was a flower that every neighbour grew.
75. DD National was full of programs starting with 'S' - Shanti, swabhiman, Saboot, Shaktiman and even NEWS was Samachar...

This list is endless. I bet there are lots more....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Leave ??

When you start working, you will realise that 'A leave' is something that becomes as precious a commodity as water & electricity. Use very sparingly. And when you really need to have one, there are fewer than a few ways of getting them without any tricks.

#1 Donate Blood -
What you do - Sell blood to get a leave
Advantage - You get points for Social Responsibility
Disadvantage - You loose good amount of blood.

For those who are too afraid to be pierced with a needle, I'm sorry, Science is yet to find a method of transferring blood via BLUETOOTH.

#2 Fall Sick -
What you do - Pretend to fall sick
Advantage - You get free medicines out of company cost
Disadvantage - You could actually be fired for lying(if caught)

For those who are too naive to lie, Act fast before science finds it way into corporate houses, you could be caught lying on the phone through voice modulations.

#3 Have a baby
What you do - You know !!!
Advantage - (Optional) You get married.
Disadvantage - Works only for women.

Again a word of caution before trying this : Cross-check the family details your HR has and give at least one year gap between two consecutive such leaves.

#4 Get IOW(Injury on work)
What you do - Wait for a 5000 ton press to 'Nearly' fall on you/ 'Nearly' suck yourself in the compressor fan/ 'Nearly' manage the metal chips to cut you through/ etc etc;
Advantage - Straightforward - you can enjoy a leave of as long as a month
Disadvantage - You can do nothing much on a hospital bed, can you?

Again here, Not taking the word 'Nearly' seriously could prove to be Fatal.

Anybody has better ways of having a leave please do communicate.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Online Cat - Suggestions !!

Well, this is an open letter to T.I.M.E , the pioneer in CAT coaching to resolve some of the issues bothering its students. Hope it catches the right eye :|

Across India

There are certain issues many CAT aspirants have been discussing of late and there are some things that we are very unsatisfied with. The first and foremost being the large test window for writing the AIMCATS. Unlike the paper-pencil format where we had the option of re-doing the questions/ attempting the unsolved ones once back home, in the online format there is an alienation for almost 10 days. Even a test window of 7 days seems very long. When finally the paper was released after the test window what we find is that the questions and answers are provided together. I believe you too would know there is vital difference between solving a question whose answer you do not know and whose answer is clearly visible. And add to it the adoptation of online AIMCAT by various centres across INDIA - with the staff themselves not completely trained for the online version-, aspirants are very cross. The infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired.

However We believe that shifting from paper-pencil to online mode in such a short span is very difficult and TIME has been very generous in its decision not to burden the student with an increase in fees. The approach to online CAT itself is very satisfactory. We belive everything cant be gained and we have to make a few compromises or rather take time to adopt for online version but there are a few things we would like you to think upon and make the process of exam more benifitable.

For example, it is very difficult to provide very good infrastructure to each test centre for online CAT but providing a very sound software can easlily be done.

Atleast the attempted questions should be saved every 1 minute. The current pulse seems to be 15 minutes. We dont attempt more than one or two questions in a minute. The Timer should be such that if power fails and one has to relogin, the time should continue from the exact second.

The question paper (without solutions) after the exam should be available on the student home page of those who have given the test and in such a way that there is no provision of copying it to the computer. There still are ways to copy it by using external sources but not everybody knows these.

The net score of each individual should be given at the end of test with no mention of sectional rights and wrongs. The student if he desires can look at the questions and figure it out himself where he has gone right/wrong. (This will improve the reasoning skills of students too...)

Provision should be made for writing the non-invigilated online aimcats at respective test centres for those who feel they cant get the exam environment at home. It is possible there will be interruptions at home from curious siblings or a post man at the door.

If TIME is afraid releasing the question paper just after the exam will give way for misuse, it should remember that no honest-aspirant of CAT will try to know the paper beforehand and attempt. And with respect to dishonest takers, TIME need not worry as they serve them no purpose. The only thing that can deviate is the ALL-India Ranking which i think one can compromise for an instant score card.

One more thing is that both aimcats 1017 and 1016 are not allowed for those who enrolled only for the test series. I think for most of us who are giving CAT for the second time it is both economically and strategically feasible only to enroll for the test series. So, why is it that two consecutive aimcats are not allowed. But perhaps TIME has something in mind when it has taken this decision and is not of as much importance when compared with the earlier problems we put forth.

All of us (mostly previous students of TIME) still believe TIME is the best for CAT coaching. One should never curse the driver of the vehicle one is travelling in. So we hope TIME rectifies these little things for the sake of it's own standards that it has set over the past few years.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
CAT Aspirants

P.S : The problems i put forth largely might seem from those who are giving the CAT for the second/third time as they compare it with the paper-pencil format that has from long existed but these little things will be of valuable use for the first timers of CAT also. Morever among those who get iim calls the percentage of repeaters is higher than the first timers.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Room Excavation !!!

It is sad but you have to pack your things and go back. And when you start this final packing, you will unravel lots of interesting things that sat in the corner of your room till today. You look at them and listen to each of its stories while slowly packing.

1. A Doctor prescription dated 14th november 2007 that gave me spectacles for the first time and for life.

2. Two Citi residency discount coupons whose validity was over in August 2008.

3. A birthday card from Uday given 2 months after my bday and which read :

Some B'day cards are flowery and frilly,
Some B'day cards are goofy adn silly,
Some B'day cards are cold and sedate,
And some B'day cards like this one are,
Late !!!

4. Autumn 07 edition of Deja Vu- college's newsletter and My Article in it.

5. 'One love' song lyrics which i gave my junior to write during ragging.

6. A 40 page CAD-CAM assignment that took a whole day to write back then.

7. A ninth class computer text book i brought here to learn html which i never did. And also a logarithmic tables book.

8. A college letter that ordered us to refrain from ragging and get a signed letter from parents supporitng it. All of us forged it. No one will travel/courier 1500 kms to get a piece of letter signed.

9. The first question paper i set as part of Maths N Tech club, set of 30 questions to solve in 30 minutes.

10. A january 2006 calendar of events, that month I dont know why but i recorded everything, prominent of which are

Jan 15 - Gulti family rejoins after winter
Jan 21 - the first real session of ragging (which meant seniors beat you)
Jan 25 - Seniors asked me to propose shruti coz she was a telugu speaking girl
Jan 28 - Session got cancelled luckily.

There are a lot more things to look at and smile and upon.... Life always gives you memories. They dont come with pictures. They come with real things that you can touch and reminisce.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final words !!!

This post is all about ME ... ME - Mechanical Engineering

It's good when things come to you when you least expect it. The departmental farewell was something that came so.

There were highs and lows in Dept of Mechanical Engineering and both were memorable. We gave two grand viva's that showed our real calibre. We were cross questioned by Professors on things we had no idea upon. We were dipped into CATIA when we least wanted to.(But this was of great help...). We just managed to get out alive from the Electrical machines laboratory. We sold 'Chededeen' to our professors. We minted marks for nothing. We were fined 25,000 /- rupees for NOT breaking a vernier height gauge. (It was cancelled after a month luckily...).We manipulated values of the Standard Units to get answers. Things like Simply Supported Beam and methods like Simplex Method were too complex for us. We painted our drawing sheets instead of Engineering drawing. We gave seminar's on each other's topics and project on senior's topics. But we were very decent. We didn't give mis-calls to the very professor who was teaching us in the class. We din't fling chalk pieces at them. We didn't comment them in their presence. :D

On the occasion of Farewell, I would like to record words of our professors in their final address to us:

Prof. I. Basak : Points at the banner behind that reads 'FAREWELL' and says " FARE WELL IN YOUR LIFE"

Prof.B.Halder : A chicken needs to come out of its shell to grow. But it should not forget the shell because it was what provided witht the initial nutrients for its growth. Never forget this shell - NIT Durgapur.

Prof. A.K. Pramanik : I taught you thermodynamics and it is my habit to deal with ideal processes and ideal cycles. You have been in such a state till now. You are going to go out of the ideal case into the real world. All the best.

Prof. N.Hui : Do not continue your future the same way you read Air conditioning and refrigeration (The toughest subject of ME), You need to control your life properly. And every time in life try to optimize and achieve maximum efficiency.(He teaches Control systems and operation research)

Prof. N.Banerjee : I will tell you a story. There was once a stone statue carver. He was selling his statues while a passer by asked him about another statue that was kept at the back of the stack. The carver said that it has a small hole and is defective. The man said that It wouldn't matter because when this was mounted at a height of 30-40 metres it wouldnt matter. No one would know its defective. The man said " I would know that it was defective." Similarly only the college and the professors know whatever defect is in you. Outside this world no one knows you. You are just 2k9 Mechanical Pass out. Use this oppurtunity to prove yourself inspite of what you were in the college.

Prof. A.K.Saha : The 2k5-2k9 batch rocked. It was a batch that took a lot of initiatives and that achieved a lot.

Prof.A.Layek : All the best for your future.

Don't know when the whole batch will meet again. It might not be long for there is a convocation. Hope we all make it and share our 5 month Real life Experiences.......

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Rupee's story !!!

I was born in 1991 in bombay. I weighed 10 grams when I was born. I still weigh the same. Over the years I look the same but I lost some of my shine. And always My net worth was just one rupee.

The very first transaction that I recall is the one when a kind-hearted man gave me to his son on the day of Eid-ul-fitr. I was shining like silver that day.The boy clutched me tightly in his hands all through that day. At the end of the day however I went in exchange to a lolli-pop.

I was in the possession of many boys. Some were good enough to give me to their mothers. Some kept me in their pencil box. But some tied a thread around me and dragged me all along the road. I was frequently used by high school boys to draw a circle and that made my edges black. I was used to represent how solar eclipses occur. I was used to represent nuclear fission reaction. I was used to give a simple example of probability. However I was too small to represent Rutherford's atomic model.

I used to travel a lot. Today in bombay and the next in calcutta. I remember an international visit too. I had to bear all the seasons. I would be cold in kashmir, hot in rajasthan and almost always wet in kerala. I was 10 years old when a boy put me on a railway track to see what would happen if a train ran over me. I survived when someone suggested him to replace me with a 5 rupee one. I was thankful to the minting press for making me slim.

One day I entered the NIT campus. The first purpose I served in the NIT was to decide who would bat first in the cricket ground. I was often used in exchange for the 101 and 111 top-ups of Reliance and airtel. There was a place called TECHNO where I exchanged hands nearly 60 times in an hour between 10-30 and 11-30 pm.

I was touched by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I was licked by dogs and 3 year old's. I was the profit margin for a vegetable seller. I was the charity outside places of worship. I vanished under a magician. I was suddenly found in a bus-taker's pocket. I allowed people 60 seconds of chit-chat. I could fetch 15 marbles for a child. 2 of my kind could fetch 3 pani puri's to the teen. 3 of my kind would fetch protection for an adult. 4 of my kind would fetch a day's tobacco for an old man.

But now I am neglected. The two rupee ones seem to be everywhere. They are now circular and have taken my place in the geometry class. I don't fetch a newspaper anymore. I am not sufficient to predict your weight at the railway station. I don't know how many days before I loose my place in the bus conductor's pouch and the xerox machine's desk. May be in a few days I will not even be worth charity.

One day I fell in the hands of a 18 year old coin collector. He looked at the year inscribed on me. He loved the fact that both of us were 18 years old. And immediately I found myself in a dark box with a number of other coins. I suppose this is my death. And this box seems no less than a coffin. I have lost track of time since then. May be this is what it means to say '18 till I die'.

Everyone has desires in life. Even I do. I want to decide who would bat first in an India-Pakistan encounter. I want dhoni to take the call and I would willfully fall as per his wish. But it seems so far now. . . . . ! ! !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Travelogue !!!

Usually travelogue refers to a place. But this travelogue travels in time. To my first year. To my first days in the college. Irrelevant though, the legal age for marrying in india is 21. Atleast for men. And my dear friend, RAJU GUGULOTHU, turned 21, some 4 months back, is currently married. Married on 13th of Feb. 2009, 9-35 A.M, IST @ Mangalabandi Tanda, Warangal.

I never expected that someone I would meet on the first day of the college as my room mate will marry mid way in his final year. I remember he received a call from a girl on 14th February 2006 on my number. I never expected though that he would be marrying her on 13th of February 2009. I remember he bought some bangles and ear rings from BIG BAZAAR in December 2005. I never expected he would be preparing his wedding suit in December 2008. I remember the first day he told me about her, way back in September 2005. I never expected though that her name would be scripted on their wedding card so soon.

I am his first year room mate, 4 year branch mate, 7 month ragging mate and an eternal friend. I have some little known facts about him. He would struggle with hindi sometimes, he would heat 3 buckets of water in winter to take a bath(which even i followed), he was fond of roll no : 05/166 atleast for a small period of time, and also recieved some festival bonus from Prof. Kumbhakar, dept of physics to buy sweets. He found a hundred rupee note on the road once, he got a Waitlist 265 ticket confirmed on a train once. we were 4 mechanical engineers in one room and it was the only room in the whole of Hall-9 which had 4 students from the same branch.

We would play cricket and chess in that first year room. Satish panda the other mechanical was a clear winner at chess. you can look at him and you would know how he earned his -5.5 power spectacles. Of course, the obvious. He was fond of a particular roll number too, but due to some special reasons I wont be mentioning it. The strange thing about him was that he had an airtel number which started with '9'. Okay Okay that's not strange. But the strange thing is that his balance suddenly falls by Rs. 50 /- for cricket updates which he never subscribed. He never complained about anything. I have so many sorry's to tell him, for things i dont like to recall. All these aside, he topped the room in the first semester with a grade point of 8.7/10. Though he spoke hindi, he had strange flaws in it. He used 'Main jaa raha hoon' for both 'Im going' and 'Im coming'.

Our fourth partner GOPAL SINGH, on the contrary was a hindi pundit. Flawless both in ascent and pronounciation. He would correct us in grammar and was ever ready with the meaning of any stringent hindi Vocabulary. I remember he wrote a 4 page essay once in ragging on a COW'S TAIL. He had seniors who changed his name to PALGO SINGH. And to-date he is also known 'palgo'. When i first entered our room, he'd already reached and had a really colourful bedsheet on his mattress. I don't recall him being in fond of any particular roll number. But i remember he suffered from typhoid for no fault of his. Like satish, he also never complains but he had a friend who always complained. They called him Alok khatiyar. He could curse the college, the mess food, anything he could imagine. But hearing him was fun.

None of us had a camera or a mobile with a camera and so we could never record our time together. It just remains in the neurons. But the pixels are large enough not to erase. We had weekly room cleaning sessions in which all the 4 participated actively. Every 15 days or so we would change the alignment of beds. If only we had paint for free, we would have painted our walls lavender.

It has been a long journey since then. We are about to complete our engineering. We have very little time left here in college. May be we will meet next in our convocation. May be Raju, the married man will be blessed with a child by then. The travelogue of TIME. Time will only tell....