Monday, December 7, 2009

CAT 2009 Analysis for Pests

There has been a lot of hunky dory on CAT, the mouse and its effects. Mr.Chidiya (Name changed) has come up with some real cool tools for CAT aspirants:

1. Who said cheat codes do not work. Click XYZSPOON on your keyboard and your timer will rises up very rapidly. Since time shown is the 'time left' therefore it is good to have your time increasing.

2. Who said water was not allowed. You just had to type 'WATER PLEASE' and Aloha 100 units of water are allotted which is indicated at the top left corner of the screen. And what is more - you can have food, wood, gold and stone too by the same proces. Everything is allowed.

3. You can always refresh the timer by pressing F5.

4. You can always dismiss a question by reporting it spam and you wouldnt have to play such difficult levels again.

5. Cellphones are not allowed inside but yeah you can always log on to Complaints that players who already had an indyarocks account had an unfair advantage over those who did nt because it took a good amount of time to register.

Mr. Chideeya (Name changed twice to maintain anonymity) also claimed that the game had been very good to him coz it gave him an unfair advantage over others in aspects like:

1. Due to capacity constraint some had to do with camlin pencils and some apsara and those who got the former benefitted due to extra long nib life. However it had a free eraser (and free things suck), so you couldnt rub anything. but that was manageable.

2. While some got A4 sheets for rough work, some got A3.9 sheets which left them with approximately 1.2 cm2 less paper to work upon.

3. Some candidates who had strong vitamin A content prior to the game - i hope you get it. Claims are on that in the biometric check prior to the game should even gauge vitamin A quotient and subsequently scores normalised. (Candidates of Bengali domicile whose staple food is fish, the most important source of vitamin A will automatically see 10 marks deducted from their net score. Other coastal region students will also witness 5-10 marks deduction depending on the topography and fish price index)

4. Candidates in second slot also had an unfair advantage of vitamin - D and NIN, hyderabad is working out on a formula to normalise slot 1 and slot 2 points/scores. (However CAT convener dismissed all claims regarding the effect of vitamin D on performance as false.)

Some more news from prometric regarding steps to be introduced next year:

1. Taking into consideration the different physical levels of candidates, they have to come to the test locations 5 hours prior to the test where the candidates will be verified and then fed so that their protien/vitamin/mineral content are equal before going into the exam. (Coaching institutes are already claiming that they are geared up for this new version and would hire dieticians to boost their students performance.)

2. However no normalisation would take place between those who pray to God more ferverntly than others because 'Right to religion and expression' are alreasy present in fundamental rights of india. However foreign nationals applying have to go through a 'What percent do you believe in GOD' test on facebook and submit the results with the url duly attested by MD, facebook india.

3. However there is no returning to the paper-pencil format as amount of paper that comes into usage has drastically reduced. Only pencils are used for working on rough sheets given in any slot. They will be taken back and rubbed using an eraser and will be recycled in the subsequent slot thereby minimising wastage further. (Candidates can apply for the post of 'Chief Rough sheet rubber' on or before CAT 2010 and they will be compensated in the grade 8000 - 12000 depending on prior experience).

Well, Thats CAT 2009 - Analysis discussions for pessimists out there. You get a chance and you critify(good word) anything. Unless you breach non-disclosure agreement how do you even know that questions repeat or get copied. Personally i think it is a step forward and everything should go much smoother next year.