Monday, March 10, 2008

Resume Blues !!!

I am supposed to fill in my resume and practise what to speak and importantly what not to speak now !!! Especially with placements around the corner !!! Everyone around are so busy (and ready too I feel) while i am still tossing and turning undecided on what to do next. Finally I thought the best way is to start filling a resume. And so I did

At first I thought filling up a resume was as simple as filling your orkut profile - Just that you have to look good as soon as someone glances at it. But I found out it wasnt as simple.

First required me to fill in my name and roll no. - Effortless I did similar to every single sheet of paper/exam I had written since my Kindergarten. Then more regular particulars I filled easily similar to the one I did while opening my first gmail account. School, college, CGPA etc followed.

Then began the tougher things -

Career Objective - Huh ??? I have no such thing. Err...I do have...But it seems i will be in a fix if i write that. Always hop for a better pay and for a better surroundings and designation

Soft Skills - Huh ???(Again..) What are they?? Aal Baal Cheez !!! I cant find something in particular that i own in them rather than follow the regular trend of what every one does write

Special Interests - I was literally forced to write something like the design of machine elements and the IC engines, production technologies while in actual they are different

Hobbies - What do I write here??? - Deforestation ??? I so badly wanted to write that. But then on second thoughts I restrained. Blogging was one...The other??? I never collected stamps or coins seriously. Then another thought struck me - Pyromania Well I do set alight a lot of things and make a mess of them. But...Nope...people said that this telecasted Psychic tendancies and so I discarded it. Then finally I went for music, Safe option !!!

After a tough job I'm almost done but then still cant decide what to do next. Having a tough time taking decisions !!!!


Lena said...

i hate doing this.. resume thing is kind of the most toughest in the world. Because you can never tell about yourself just by answering those questions.
Good luck with all this :)

PS: love your blue template :)

Cinderella. said...

Such a soothing template..but woh fishes kyun nikal diye ? You coulda changed their colour too and kept them intact na ??!! They werer so cute !!!

Aur yeh tera template, takes ages to download..every single time..!!!
But I like this one. Love this colour actually,my favourite.

Rahi resume ki baat, I made my resume only last October I guess. ISuch a shitty task it is, and all sorts of jaded questions. And the answers to which breed more jaded questions....shucks !!

Goodluck with your placements paapey !! Kabse start ho rahe hain batana, I'll wish you luck !!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

hmm, hehe.. yeah, it sure must be a pain the ass! lol, when the only thing on your mind is i-haveta-sound-sophisticated-n-i-haveta-impress, i guess it sure is hard to think of simple stuff too!

:) wow, the whole of blogsville in either bout-to-work or working-already. sigh. unfair world!

hehe, nyway, temp sucks ya.. too narrow the writin area is. and your blog is still takin AGES to load. i think tis due to a zillion widgets that u have on!

Vandita said...

hmm been through the same recently...after i cleared the tech round in wipro woh chaar page lamba HR form bharte time meri bhi aisi hi haalat thi...i rem callin someone up and asking him "tell me about myself" :P
anyways jokes apart sochna padta hai i agree but once uve made ur resume...perfect it coz mostly everthing will center around it.
all the best for TCS, and others to come if u still need the luck :)

Solitaire said...

Aah new template huh?
You have been tagged!

Cinderella. said...

Exactly as busy writer said...its all cz of the 1000 widgets you've incorporated..!!

And writing area aur wide nahi ho sakta ??

Somya said...

Interesting post...I had faced the similar problems when I had started and the worst was deciding upon Career objective...somehow I couldn't write one amd whatever I wrote appeared similar to what my friends n other batchmates had I did a bit of cheating and took my dad's help.

All the best for your placement interviews...

Prachi said...

i'll be doing this.....6 mths down the line.....though we will be speaking lots of lie to the interviewer to land up a placement, :D..... will do some post on it laterz ;)

anyways....the template :-s....fishes were nice...even this is nice....but change the font colour to match the template. ;)


Nits Pandita said...

ohh.....even ill have to do this in coming monthsss!!!
god help me!

Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

I hate the hobbies section most. How can you name the stuff you do everyday as a hobby? I lost at hangman. I even had two goes at it (IM A CHEAT I KNOW)!!!!!! the shame.

Solitaire said...

why do you have a blank space after the post? Want us to copy paste our resume there?

Ron Lemon said...

Once saw a resume with career objective : To work in a challenging environment until my last breath....
breath taking, huh? :p

divya said...

bhai zara mera bhi help kar de :P im dying to fill my resume :P

the basu said...

gosh dude!atleast you filled it up,I had to leave half the places empty :(

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Oh dear!Making a resume is such a drag.Still,career banane ke liye karna painda hai! :)

Take care bro.Any doubts ke liye main hoon na!Have a nice weekend.Cheers!

Cinderella. said...

Another template...!!!
But I like it..ab yeh akhiri hai ya, kal phir se change karne wala hai bol..

Alameen said...

Welcome to the corporate world :)

zahid said...


Love you dear for sympathising empathising and offering to help !!! love you all !!!

manisha said...

writing resumes= hypocrism!!!