Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hyderabad is a B'ful city !!!

Hyderabad is a beautiful city. Beautiful in all senses. And during one of my longest short halts in my state capital the weather was beautiful too, which made my stay all the more pleasant. Girls in hyderabad are equally nice too. Not only to look at but also to hear to. That unsophisticated and informal font of speech is truly attractive, I must admit.

I was in hyderabad for 4 days and on each day i could experience the sweetness of the city.

Day 1 : At the CHARMINAR cross-roads, an auto stopped to the call of a signal beside mine. A family was inside and so was a girl all clad in a purdah except her eyes which met mine, the whole one minute at the signal. The eyes were so gripping I could hardly escape them. I continued staring and suddenly it struck me. She could see the whole of me but i couldnt. I felt naked. And in a few seconds the two autos sped away in perpendicular directions. But why was she looking at me though???

Day 2 : This was actually inspiring. I got the chance to witness the happiest couple ever with an excellent chemistry dining right in front of me in Eat Street, mocking teasing chatting fighting flirting and flouting each other in the utmost informal hyderabadi style. I sat silently listening and craving for one such moment in my life.

Day 3 : This time I had a " Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Zahid!!!! Tum nahi samjhoge " on a beautiful girl in salwaar kameez and a scarf all around her head who was laughing and biting nails watching the show in salaar jang museum. I looked at her for 10 long minutes before suddenly she vanished and i was again left........

Day 4 : My days in hyderabad came to an end. It was time to leave and my unconfirmed waitlisted train ticket converted to an RAC and i had to share my seat with another beautiful hyderabadi girl, decently dressed. something told me that we'd met before. I couldnt recall where when or how. But we had a lil conversation.

Her: You came to visit hyderabad?
Me : yeah, in a way....You belong here?
Her : yes, but what did you see here?
Me: Tank bund, Lumbini park, Sunday market, Salar jung museum and also...
Her: You din see charminar?
Me : I did ya know?
Her : well, everyone does...must have cost you a lot on autos
Me: yes, but i took to bus ride mostly
Her: Hope you had a nice time
Me: I did...
(And then some regular questions like where r u going and who lives there....)

And that was the end...She got down at a stop before me but just before the train was about to depart she handed me a peice of paper that read:

'* Hi Zahid !!! You know one good thing about you... When you glance at women you dont stare at them, you look at them. Was nice to know you. hope we meet a third time too...*'

How did she know my name??..Ah the reservation chart. I rushed to see her name...umm...yes '#$(@'...such a sweet 4 letter name. And third time???? was this the second?? It dawned upon me...Was she the one I had one minute of eye contact on the first day. She was looking at me alright then. So was I. And that explains our conversation too....

Left stranded now with a peice of paper and the name of the its author and a city she once belonged......Hope we meet the third time, I wished.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The angelic devil !!!

I knew this creature, one year less than I knew myself…..She is the single most creature who shares the same set of blood as I. And when this creature returned from her music classes smiling all by herself and yet at the same time trying to hide it, I knew she would invade my time after dinner.

“Hey gruff….Things are happening pretty fast”.

She was a whiz at coining out new nick-names every other day. Not only did she dole out these words but she had her own sense of logic behind them. I have passed through chum, crank, prank, Socrates, flush, qwerty, magpie and many more…. and now it was Gruff!!!

“How fast? ”
“I don’t know….Just felt like saying….”
“Abt Music?”
“Music is love”
“I cant get u….be to the point dear!!!”

I was in no mood for telepathy but I cudn’t usher her away. Something told me that she needed me.

“Gruff!! I cant understand why or rather how”

So, she couldn’t tell me that in the eyes. So I took a newspaper and began to read it, waiting for more of her. Both of us knew that.

“Gruff! I guess I am in love.”

Any question of who, what or where he is would have made her reluctant to talk more. She came to me out of all others bcoz she knew I wouldn’t inquire but listen, and listen more than speak.

Slowly I lowered the news paper and started staring at her while she poured out her story. I had to be really careful that the stare wasn’t derisive. At the end, I was in a fix. Well, What did she expect of me now? Answering this was quite a challenge.

I dint know what to do……Alright!!! I managed to say I would love to meet him. And she got a smile on her face for this.

There was a sudden sense of closeness in those moments. And the sweet devil took benefit of this moment to delve into me. Slowly I found myself reciting my only love, I had successfully hidden from everybody all these years, to her and she was staring at me with the same élan. Something inside me told that it was a pretence but I was already in the trap.

Hours passed. It was two in the night. No notion to sleep. We sat down giggling.

Suddenly she says “Gruff!! I wasn’t in any kind of love. I dint know any such boy. And i even dint....”
“But you….”
“I made it all up…”
***she is hit with a pillow I threw upon her* **
“Just you wait, I will….”
***No use yelling, she is already down rolling and laughing* **

It would be silly if I claim not knowing any girl either. The worst part was that she knew enough about me now to blackmail me for a treat every other weekend at every other coffee corner. And her treats were damn expensive!!!!

I must have known this before. Can’t do anything now….Just that I will wait till the day she really finds someone and then be a merciless devil myself. But yeah!! She is my only sister. And such a sweet one too….. I must admit, It was a pleasure falling into her trap….. Just hope she isn’t too hard on my pocket - - - - The Angelic devil !!!

P.S : I don’t have a sister, But how I wish I had one !!! To fight, tease and share myself with !!!!

- - - - - - - > Z a H ! D

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My College Uncensored

I sat down to pen an article on…on what?? I dint know but I knew it was for ‘Deja vu’. Lemme tell you deja vu is my college's official magazine. So what do I write about our dear college…. Let me go branch wise….

Mechanical: The branch happiest with the placement ratio…Well, dint we always calculate mechanical efficiency higher than other efficiencies?

Electrical :
They are the optimists of our college. They mainly deal with the positive(+) side of things and say that the negative(-) end adjusts by itself.

Civil :
Strictly speaking this is the only branch that could actually develop the college. Why don’t we give them the hall renovation tender as the summer project?

Metallurgical :
Don’t ever think they have had too much of metals? Believe me!! They can strike gold anywhere & anytime and put the rest of us and our placements to shame.

We learnt every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Their life is filled with so many reactions, it must be worth learning what their actions were

Computers : To err is human and to blame it on the computer is even more so. That proves they are human but please somebody tell me how do humans get such high CGPA’s.

Electronics :
The other day they came up with a proposal ‘2 + 2 = 5 for larger values of the former’. Don’t understand how they made it but cant ignore it. After all they are the respective first seaters.

IT :
When computers were born people were afraid that they might start thinking as men. Now we are afraid that our intellects might begin to think like computers.

Bio-tech : Yet to be experimented and an infant stage branch of the college. Don’t new borns attract the maximum attention? Beware!! They might just walk away with the fattest packages next year.

- - - - - - - - > Z a H ! D