Monday, June 25, 2007

Vote for the Indian grandiose

Hello India!!! I am Taj Mahal- ex-ancient wonder of the world!!! If you can spare a moment, I am a marble mausoleum of great splendour and beauty. Agra has been my abode for about 360 years now. Apart from the more famous shah jahan I want you to give some credit, even to Ustad Ahmad Lahauri for my architecture.

I am flabbergasted that being in India - country with the second largest population, I have to vie for a place in the new 7 wonders instead of it being a cake walk. I particularly recall India as a nation with strong patriotic fervor. I have seen your ancestors shedding sweat and spilling blood for the sake of the country-to make it socially emancipated, economically prosperous, politically integrated, militarily strong, spiritually dynamic and morally united and to safeguard its rich heritage.

If the layman around the world knows there is a country named India, it is because of me, not because of our cricket team, Olympic athletes or liable politicians. Without me India’s tourism revenue would have been half of what it is now. If even now I am not made the new 7 wonders of the world, I did rather ask god to send down a devastating earth quake down my spine and demolish me forever. Perhaps I would occupy your minds more with my ruins.

I have been watching you for the past few months. Whenever my topic surfaces, you are saying that you would vote for me one of these days but I am beginning to see that you meant none of these days. Don’t put things off. If you think you are not necessary to save me, I would call the notion as baseless as building in air and as pointless as writing with a broken pencil.

If you can support the men in blue even after their repeated fiascos, then you can surely support me. In all these years I have stood here I have never once let you down.

If you are planning to give our respected president Mr. Kalam another term, you can think about my 55m tall structure with the utmost finesse in the same lines.

If you can celebrate Indo-American sunita Williams safe return to the earth you can all the more rejoice with much more plumb the indo-Persian edifice’s victory.

If you have time and again given Indian political parties another chance despite not fulfilling our promises you could surely give me another chance too. I have always kept my promise of showcasing eternal beauty.

If you are ready to vote for your favorite contestants in Indian idol, saregamapa and the like you shouldn’t be having any problems to vote for me.

Even in this modern world, where e-mails replaced post cards, if you are persisting with the age-old epics, the traditions and the congress, you could do it with me too. Which other structure boasts of being a signature to eternal love?

Please vote for the Indian grandiose at or dail 125 5626 from your bsnl land line.

----> zahid

Thursday, June 7, 2007

En a smile escapes my lips.......

I was a mad lil lad
Dark black eyes i had
She was a sweet lil girl
soft silky hair with a curl
Thinkin of 'er a lil tear drips
en a smile escapes my lips.

Those days i long for
of solitude me n her
Those lasting weekends spent together
Laughed n cried , memories forever
En those secret river valley trips
has a smile escape my lips.

Those catch me's in the rain
Those who's first in the plain
Lunch we shared on the stairs
Cool sundae we bought in pairs
Imagining em my heart rips
En a smile escapes my lips

That one day i still remember
When she cried on my shoulder
Like ganges tears flowed
my sympathy she allowed
But now my heart weeps
en a smile escapes my lips

She called me her best fren
Her pure heart she'd always lend
I was in love unknown
o'er the years it has grown
Now left o'er are her picture clips
Watchin em a smile escapes my lips

Heart knew it all
let the feelings fall
Shez goin away far
leavin back a scar
My soul curls, closes n crips
en a smile escapes my lips

For One thing i wished
The entire world be vanished
Jus the two of us alive
on mother earth we thrive
Alas!!!!! her essence grips
en a smile escapes my lips

--------------------------------> Z @ - ! >