Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Birthday ! ! !

An ode to all my blogger frenz. Today completes one year of my blog. I wont go on saying how much I love all of you and how sweet comments you'd given me. Because all of you know that...I love ya all for making me smile...Instead I want to write how and where each of us will be some 20-25 years down the lane. Since I love you all equally, I wish to follow the alphabetical order.

Avinash - Ah..My school friend !!! He will have been sucked in by microsoft in service and might be leading a very happy life except that everyday he broods over the same things hez doin as an engineering student.

Basu Dobby - Ah !!! He will remain as sweet as he is now !!! Not a sucrose factor more nor a sucrose factor less. Sometimes I feel hez got everything that i like !!!

Busy Writer - Busy writer will become a doctor eventually and a serious yoga specialist or whatever of that kind and she will propose known yet alien things to people to degrade err..Improve their health

Cinderella - So many years hence she will perhaps writing on how she loves her hubby so much and how many Kgs of jelabi or barfi he brings while coming to home from office, how you both prefer going to Pani puri over 5 star and how no 'on job rivalry' has strengthened their love...Err....Etc; And the dollops of me series would have gone to 2451 !!! Hic !! Hic !!

Divya - By this time she might have become the oldest woman living on the earth...Yes !!! She was bornin the year 1886. Even her mail ID reflects that. She will try to hide her age by sayin that she was born on 1st august but dont believe her. Hopefully if other people dont live as much she will get into Guinness book of world records.

Lena - Her experience in the matters of love and life are so high that by that time she would have given a guest lecture on these topics in every other university in the world and inspired a lot of teen and non-teen students.

mad girl a.k.a sohini - By this time she will be nominated for the inter-continental best poet award taking place on Where but earth itself. I dont believe science would have achieved inter-planetory allies. Otherwise that goes true for her too. Also Below is Sameera's. She will give you a tough fight being the other nominee.

manisha - Oh..She must have now become the offical german translator by now. And so deeply involed in that she must have almost forgotten how english and hindi are read, written, spelt and pronounced. German translating into german itself. Hic...How will I convey anything to her then !!! hire another translator !! sigh !!!

matty - I doubt he would have become a family man yet or what we call - harkaton se baaz aana. Still the hale and healthy looking sweet flirter trying to convince already convinced girls..Sigh. And luck would have had it to him at thatage..Sigh !! As he says - 'Sh'It happens !!!

Pallav - Oh..By this time he would have married a french woman!!! This is only because he wanted to gain the nationality of france so that he could represnt that country's football team as a goal keeper !!!

Patchez - By this time she would have really met angels !!! Not in heaven. she can speak with angels already. And dont mistake her for a harry potter kind woman. Shez absolutely normal and will stay that way except that she cant help writing on these sweet fictions. And also this management graduate would have had tie ups wiht yahoo and introduced a set of 100 new smileys to be introduced in the forum. Big leap for yahoo frequenters !!! who would be starting Patchez fans community in orkut.

Prachi - Ah...She must have written all the memoirs of the sweet times she'd spent with her children and each and every silly thing they might have uttered during their childhood and read them again and again time and again. And yeah her teddy bear collecion would have been transferred legally to her progeny.

Sameera - An avid blogger and by this time she will be nominated for the inter-continental best poet award taking place on earth itself. I dont believe science would have achieved inter-planetory allies. Otherwise that goes true for her too. Check mad girl above too coz shez gonna be your only opponent.

Silverine - Oh...booker prize awardee...I hope all got.

sneha a.k.a Solitaire - By this time she would have started 7500 blogs simultaneously and the only reason she might have stopped starting of more would be because blogger has run out of space and not because she has not been able to manage so many of them.

somya - If you havent seen any woman in the F-1 racing circuit you can easily expect the first woman and the second indian overall to drive a car. And bet she will beat ferrari..And Oh yeah !!! wont she be representing ferrari ????

ssnab - Oh my god !!! An Indian foreign service officer. I would go on telling everybody around me 'Hey, you know the Indian Ambassador presently talking out issues in US..I know her very closely...Aww..I influence all her decisions..Do you want any new resolutions??? Juz tell me..I will see if i can let it pass' (Going on and on when someone knows somebody extremely important)

Vandita - Oh...She would be so much obsessed of sugar that by this time she would have set up a sugar plant and would be the largest producer of sugar in India. And guess what !!She would do this parallelly with her job at google.....Just in case she thinks i forgot she was placed in wipro, I am saying she would have made her career into google. (I applied thought na....)

Zahid - I know my name comes at the last in alphabetical order. Perhaps thats why I chose this order. Ahem...I think I cant blow my own trumpet or the lack of it. So i refrain myself here. Its up to you to decide what I might be up to ???

P.S : And If others I have missed out here, not that i dont like them, but have not been as close to them in the past one year. And yeah My dear blogger frenz please invite me to your respective marriages. You see !!! I dont mind travelling to have good food !!!


Cinderella. said...

Tu pitne wala hai mujhse...abhi achhe achhe baat aur add kar warna I'm abandoning your blog, you little devil...grrr...

Cinderella. said...

And oh..I hate samosas..and we dont belong to the same on job rivalry kaise hogi bete...??
Get your facts right atleast..

The Mad Girl said...

*accepts the award with tears in eyes*

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Happy Birthday dear bloggie!Phulon,phalon,aage badon :)

That was such a sweet post bro,and what you wrote here about me is much more worth than any monetary sum or award!

Keep up the great work dear,in 25 yrs or so I see a li'l Zahid setting up a blog where he writes about his father's antics!He he

God Bless You.Cheers!

Prachi said...

soooo sweet
congrats for the 1 yr completion ;)

and i wont w8 for 20-25 yrs to do all that :D...

10-15 yrs and this will be thr on my blog :D
infact who knws .... technology li'l baby wud be writing a blog too :D

divya said...

but sweetu, meri tho shaadi ho gayi na.....i have 12 children and 46 grandchildren now...and i might die soon.... :( :( :(

and my sweetu zahid's gonna take the place of johny lever in hindi movies....congos :)

AVINASH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AVINASH said...

First Of all
Happy B'day "Flavorz.blogspot"

-From "Myflavorz.blogspot"

Hehe.... But even while doing the same things those games and movies every day ; I find myself N'joying them (Atleast for now).... :)

And yeah 'bout marriage I'll call U only if u introduce me to "Her" b'for marriage....

Cinderella. said...

Ha ha...shaitaan...change kar diya nahi ??!!

'on Job rivalry' ko kinne convinience se 'no on job rivalry' bana dala..

But I had fun reading this. Kudos to your ever fertile imaginative gray matter sweety...hic hic !!

And oh, loved your message to Solitaire....lmaorotfl.. !!!

Girl, you listening...??

Also Sammy, you're so right girl. By the end of 25 years we're dofinitewly gonna see another li'l Zahid, putting up his posts, and using his dad's to propose to his !!

Ok, on a more serious note. Like she said, Phalo-phulo-aage badho. Would love to see you happy and smiling this way. Bless ya sweets.

Solitaire said...

Oy hoy!!!
Kya post hai!
You had me in splits!
Hahah!! 7500 blogs! Let's see!

Vandita said...

i loved my bit, although i might not set up a sugar plant, i just like being called that :P
but google....zahid love u so much for applying thought in that direction
happy birthday to flavorz...!!!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

LOL. roflmao!!!

doc? wha?! :O haha. YOGA whaa?!.. haha! roflmao!!

haha...ohmigod, this is the cutest ever thing!, so sweet dat you did this as ur 1-yr-blog-anniversary-celebration! hehe.. aww, thank you.

my future sure seems

Somya said...

Happy Birthday Bloggie...loved the intro to your friends in the blogworld...guess my driving skills are going to be my bane but never mind atleast I'll do better than Mallya's team did in their first race! Hope to read many more entertaining posts at your blog in the years to come.

Patchez said...

Mine was the longest!!!! :D


Thanks Zahid.. that was choooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeet *hugs*

Lena said...

lolz, you are invited to my wedding for sure!
So so soooooooooooooo sweet you are!and huh?? i never knew divvi is so old, and she scolded me for turning 60 couple of weeks ago!

Happy Birthday though as usual i am late and cake is already gone :(

Alameen said...

silverine will definitely win booker..


the basu said... this be unexpected,but felt really nice :O :)and this calls for bagpiper club soda,round table and couple of nightouts ;) get me??
lovely one yaar!innovative and very funny as always.
happy birthday flavorz!

Solitaire said...

Zahid, Hum Tum IV is up..come take a look!

ad libber said...

Wappy Birthday to your dear, fellow Piscen bloggie.

Sam said...

this was a cool one!! :D

Patchez said...

...and _just_ bytheway... im not a management graduate ;) altho u said that cuz of the biz plan thing! :P lol!


manisha said...

yaaaaayyyy........u actually made me a german translator.......*wow*...nah i wont forget english.....cos i dnt wanna forget my blog na??...nd yeah to ur blog-herzliche glueckwuensche zum geburtstag...hope u knw wat it meant...2 marriage..mnmn..wat if its in germany??wil u cum??..i dnt think they have good food over there...;) the tym u r old...or wattever....u wud have recvd ur "booker" for "the lord of blog THINGS"...awww...*pathetic prediction*..well hope u get ur booker for watevr u write...:)

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

that is soo sweet :) thanku
u'll get a new resolution passed eh??!! hmm...

so nice that u've already declared me as an IFS officer.. wow!!! yipeeeeeee :P

Matangi Mawley said...

congrats!:) n happy b'day to flavorz!

Nautanki Theater Group said...


nice one dude!!

thanks to include me!!

Nautanki Theater Group said...

waise yaar soch raha hun..
meri gf( abhi tak toh hai nahi..haan jald hi agar kuch ho gaya ..) ne yeh dekh liya toh mera toh bura haal ho jayega..

kuch toh meri khair kar

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