Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ahem..... !!!

There was once a 8 year old boy who did not know the difference between injection and operation. During one of those days he hit an iron fence and that resulted in a deep cut. That also meant he had to take a 'tetanus' to avoid 'septic' as was called in those days. And so he kept sulking "Mujhe operation nahi kar vana hai...Main nahi aaonga". While his mother tried hard to distinguish between 'operation' and 'injection' little did she know that he was as afraid of injection as well. Finally after that trip to doctor and then watching an ICU in a hindi movie he understood the difference between them.

And When he grew up, he came to be known as 'Zahid Hussain'.

Hey dint you feel like you were reading a Seventh class English Text book. About a historic person who did such a great thing while he was so young and for which his name had to be kept in suspense untill the good deed was revealed.

Anyways, Today I felt like initiating the word flow rate of the blogger again. All those beautiful comments you'd all written after my first anniversery post had an effect in imparting a smile to my lips. And if you are wondering why my language has suddenly turned this way then it is bcoz of the placement season that i am practising to include all the technical terms in my speech.

Today came our first company. It is called upon as 'TCS'. Somehow after being skeptic to sit or not to sit I sat and then dint get selected. One point I dint understand was why did the company send a HR manager to our college who instead of attracting people towards them was acting a repellant. He actually played a big role in turning me against the company. All through the preplacement talk and in all the formal proceedings he invited the wrath of the whole college.

I dont know anyone would be happy with the news that you aren't selected for the next round. But I was. And seriously I dont regret. I dint like a lot of things- like the salary, designation given as a fresher, place of job, that HR man and his hopeless expressions in particular and shifting to IT field after 4 years of mechanical Engg. But I believe there are a few things to be learnt form here. Prepare better the next time and get yourself acquainted with each nook of the last year's papers. I dint prepare this time and perhaps that was the reason i failed. But for all those who think I was disqualified due to an upper cut-off, I dont mind if you think that way.

So long till my next post. God give me the grace to take the right decisions in the future. Ameen !!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Birthday ! ! !

An ode to all my blogger frenz. Today completes one year of my blog. I wont go on saying how much I love all of you and how sweet comments you'd given me. Because all of you know that...I love ya all for making me smile...Instead I want to write how and where each of us will be some 20-25 years down the lane. Since I love you all equally, I wish to follow the alphabetical order.

Avinash - Ah..My school friend !!! He will have been sucked in by microsoft in service and might be leading a very happy life except that everyday he broods over the same things hez doin as an engineering student.

Basu Dobby - Ah !!! He will remain as sweet as he is now !!! Not a sucrose factor more nor a sucrose factor less. Sometimes I feel hez got everything that i like !!!

Busy Writer - Busy writer will become a doctor eventually and a serious yoga specialist or whatever of that kind and she will propose known yet alien things to people to degrade err..Improve their health

Cinderella - So many years hence she will perhaps writing on how she loves her hubby so much and how many Kgs of jelabi or barfi he brings while coming to home from office, how you both prefer going to Pani puri over 5 star and how no 'on job rivalry' has strengthened their love...Err....Etc; And the dollops of me series would have gone to 2451 !!! Hic !! Hic !!

Divya - By this time she might have become the oldest woman living on the earth...Yes !!! She was bornin the year 1886. Even her mail ID reflects that. She will try to hide her age by sayin that she was born on 1st august but dont believe her. Hopefully if other people dont live as much she will get into Guinness book of world records.

Lena - Her experience in the matters of love and life are so high that by that time she would have given a guest lecture on these topics in every other university in the world and inspired a lot of teen and non-teen students.

mad girl a.k.a sohini - By this time she will be nominated for the inter-continental best poet award taking place on Where but earth itself. I dont believe science would have achieved inter-planetory allies. Otherwise that goes true for her too. Also Below is Sameera's. She will give you a tough fight being the other nominee.

manisha - Oh..She must have now become the offical german translator by now. And so deeply involed in that she must have almost forgotten how english and hindi are read, written, spelt and pronounced. German translating into german itself. Hic...How will I convey anything to her then !!! hire another translator !! sigh !!!

matty - I doubt he would have become a family man yet or what we call - harkaton se baaz aana. Still the hale and healthy looking sweet flirter trying to convince already convinced girls..Sigh. And luck would have had it to him at thatage..Sigh !! As he says - 'Sh'It happens !!!

Pallav - Oh..By this time he would have married a french woman!!! This is only because he wanted to gain the nationality of france so that he could represnt that country's football team as a goal keeper !!!

Patchez - By this time she would have really met angels !!! Not in heaven. she can speak with angels already. And dont mistake her for a harry potter kind woman. Shez absolutely normal and will stay that way except that she cant help writing on these sweet fictions. And also this management graduate would have had tie ups wiht yahoo and introduced a set of 100 new smileys to be introduced in the forum. Big leap for yahoo frequenters !!! who would be starting Patchez fans community in orkut.

Prachi - Ah...She must have written all the memoirs of the sweet times she'd spent with her children and each and every silly thing they might have uttered during their childhood and read them again and again time and again. And yeah her teddy bear collecion would have been transferred legally to her progeny.

Sameera - An avid blogger and by this time she will be nominated for the inter-continental best poet award taking place on earth itself. I dont believe science would have achieved inter-planetory allies. Otherwise that goes true for her too. Check mad girl above too coz shez gonna be your only opponent.

Silverine - Oh...booker prize awardee...I hope all got.

sneha a.k.a Solitaire - By this time she would have started 7500 blogs simultaneously and the only reason she might have stopped starting of more would be because blogger has run out of space and not because she has not been able to manage so many of them.

somya - If you havent seen any woman in the F-1 racing circuit you can easily expect the first woman and the second indian overall to drive a car. And bet she will beat ferrari..And Oh yeah !!! wont she be representing ferrari ????

ssnab - Oh my god !!! An Indian foreign service officer. I would go on telling everybody around me 'Hey, you know the Indian Ambassador presently talking out issues in US..I know her very closely...Aww..I influence all her decisions..Do you want any new resolutions??? Juz tell me..I will see if i can let it pass' (Going on and on when someone knows somebody extremely important)

Vandita - Oh...She would be so much obsessed of sugar that by this time she would have set up a sugar plant and would be the largest producer of sugar in India. And guess what !!She would do this parallelly with her job at google.....Just in case she thinks i forgot she was placed in wipro, I am saying she would have made her career into google. (I applied thought na....)

Zahid - I know my name comes at the last in alphabetical order. Perhaps thats why I chose this order. Ahem...I think I cant blow my own trumpet or the lack of it. So i refrain myself here. Its up to you to decide what I might be up to ???

P.S : And If others I have missed out here, not that i dont like them, but have not been as close to them in the past one year. And yeah My dear blogger frenz please invite me to your respective marriages. You see !!! I dont mind travelling to have good food !!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Resume Blues !!!

I am supposed to fill in my resume and practise what to speak and importantly what not to speak now !!! Especially with placements around the corner !!! Everyone around are so busy (and ready too I feel) while i am still tossing and turning undecided on what to do next. Finally I thought the best way is to start filling a resume. And so I did

At first I thought filling up a resume was as simple as filling your orkut profile - Just that you have to look good as soon as someone glances at it. But I found out it wasnt as simple.

First required me to fill in my name and roll no. - Effortless I did similar to every single sheet of paper/exam I had written since my Kindergarten. Then more regular particulars I filled easily similar to the one I did while opening my first gmail account. School, college, CGPA etc followed.

Then began the tougher things -

Career Objective - Huh ??? I have no such thing. Err...I do have...But it seems i will be in a fix if i write that. Always hop for a better pay and for a better surroundings and designation

Soft Skills - Huh ???(Again..) What are they?? Aal Baal Cheez !!! I cant find something in particular that i own in them rather than follow the regular trend of what every one does write

Special Interests - I was literally forced to write something like the design of machine elements and the IC engines, production technologies while in actual they are different

Hobbies - What do I write here??? - Deforestation ??? I so badly wanted to write that. But then on second thoughts I restrained. Blogging was one...The other??? I never collected stamps or coins seriously. Then another thought struck me - Pyromania Well I do set alight a lot of things and make a mess of them. But...Nope...people said that this telecasted Psychic tendancies and so I discarded it. Then finally I went for music, Safe option !!!

After a tough job I'm almost done but then still cant decide what to do next. Having a tough time taking decisions !!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

En a smile escapes my lips !!!

This is a poem I did written some 9 months ago, One of my first poems. After reading Cinderella's 'Time has frozen' I somehow felt like re-posting this lil poem. In this post she has so beautifully written her love which grew over the years. I will perhaps read it a twenty times in the coming week. She has written each ‘true’ moment of love. I write only fiction. Lovely things that never happened and those in any probability arent gonna happen. I felt I was missing out on a lot of life !!!

I was a mad lil lad
Dark black eyes i had
She was a sweet lil girl
Soft silky hair with a curl
Thinkin of 'er a lil tear drips
En a smile escapes my lips.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Those days i long for
Of solitude me n her
Those lasting weekends spent together
Laughed n cried , memories forever
Imagining em my heart rips
En a smile escapes my lips

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Those catch me's in the rain
Those who's first in the plain
Lunch we shared on the stairs
Cool sundae we bought in pairs
Those secret river valley trips
En a smile escapes my lips.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That one day i still remember
When she cried on my shoulder
Like ganges tears flowed
My sympathy she allowed
But now my heart weeps
En a smile escapes my lips

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She called me her best fren
Her pure heart she'd always lend
I was in love unknown
O'er the years it has grown
My soul curls, closes n crips
En a smile escapes my lips

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heart knew it all
Let the feelings fall
Shez goin away far
Leavin back a scar
Thinkin of 'er a lil tear drips
En a smile escapes my lips

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For One thing i wished
The entire world be vanished
Jus the two of us alive
On mother earth we thrive
Alas!!!!! her essence grips
En a smile escapes my lips

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hiccups to answer !!!

All of us must have read the terrible crap that comes under the name of graffiti or 'Ask the Aunt' in the newspaper supplements or magazines. Believe me it is interesting the first few times you read it but then you get the same questions and the same answers and you are fed up of it.

Almost always there is a boy who is in love with almost always a girl or vice versa. And almost always the letter is written after one of them suddenly starts neglecting the other after a long frenship. Almost always the answer is have a straight talk with him/her and clear your thoughts Blah Blah Blah. What does the answerer think?? The first thing he/she done after recieving the faint hint she/he was being neglected was take a piece of paper and write to them? How dumb !!!

Then comes the turn of those diddly couply hit pair who have had everything going well till the family plays culprit. And then what do we have for answer. Its your life and it is up to you to choose what is best for you. Then come those who have the guilt of sleeping with someone over a party and those who are not able to identify what their problem is. They write the letter just to see what comes out of it and the letter is accepted just to see how it goes with the people. Answers have no hesitation in stating Identify your problem first !!!

Why dont we have questions like the ones below and really beautiful answers for them. I am sure bloggers are intelligent enough to answer them.

What do I do if at a dinner table both my left hand side and right hand side partners are engaged in deep conversation with people adjacent to them leaving me alone (and embarrassed)?

What do I do when someone praises me excessively in a public situation ?

How do I tell someone I am afraid of something without letting him make fun of it ?

Err....Lookin for really good answers.....