Sunday, February 24, 2008

I take bath 7 times a day !!!

Err...Hic Hic and Yippee !!! It feels great to come back to bloggerville. As I sit down to write a post on no particular topic in general, I had to switch on my fan. That meant that was the end of winter. That also means the following : No more excuses to get up late !!! No more excuses to snug lazily in the room !!! '&' No more excuses not to take bath !!!

Now this last one is a very serious problem. Especially after performing only 5 baths(as if it were a rare ritual) in the whole of winter, coming back to a bath a day is a very drastic change. What will happen if my body doesnt get accustomed? Aha...This is my new excuse for the next few days.

But soon this wouldnt work and so, i have already started thinkin of new excuses for this summer.

1.First thing you should learn to change the topic as soon as the question arises. For example

Mom : Zahid, Go take a bath !!! Its been 2 days..
Me : Ya ya...By the way yesday there was a music concert in kala parishad. Why dint you go?
Mom : I dint know about it....First go to bath...afterwards we will talk
Me : I will... I will.... but today is the last day of the concert. It comes only once in a year here
Mom : Is it ??? Does it need any ticket booking?
Me : Gosh !!! Yes..I think i will get it now itself. Other works afterwards.
Mom : Go...Be back soon !!!

And this way i escape bath !!! By the way i tell you there was no such concert. After roaming around for an hour or so I return and say "Sorry, the last day of the concert was yesteday itself" and in the grief of missing that concert she forgets about the bath.

2. Second ace up my sleeve : Avoid it all day in the morning sayin you will do it in the evening. And then as soon as the sun sets sneeze for a while which will startle all mothers that you would develop influenza if you bathed.

3. Read all about aquaphobia and then show symptoms of it till they themselves keep you away from water !!!

4. And then try ALLERGY FUNDA !!! Whenever i used to go to relatives house and they used to pour all kinds of food items in my plate I used to refuse a few things by saying I had an allergy for it. And i hope you understood how this can be used here too !!!

5. And have a spanner at your disposal. You dont know when all other things fail and you would have to close the overhead water valve. ;)

Err..These ones will do for this summer. Bye, I am off to take a bath !!!

P.S : Dont stop talkin to me or neglecting my blog because of this post !!! I was kiddin... Till now not a month has passed in which I havent bathed. Err...