Monday, May 12, 2008


I so bloody wanna post on my blog !!! But kya karen no internet connection,....

I wanted to have a mothers day post.. a bday post !! A this post !!! A that post !!!

Kya karoon ???

Why dont time and internet come hand in hand ???????

So long but I will be back !!!

I wanna be back !!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Reasons to be happy !!!

Well, There is something special about this post !!! What What What ??? Nope I wont say !!! Not so early in the post !!! Something about this post makes me happy even before i start typing !!!

I have nothing in mind to write on a special occasion like this !!!

Okay !!! I dedicate this post to this particular zebra - An animal which was with me during my happy and sad times. *Sigh wish I could keep it as a pet* !!!

Uh oh I cant keep the suspense anymore !!! Well, The secret of this post is that It Is My 50th Post !!! Shower some encomiums upon me !!!

Tch Tch I am still on the lookout of the comments like :
" Never again will a blog be written as if it were the only one !!! "
" None exhibited blogsmanship (err..) as thy did "
" You sure have Zebra'z in You, Dude !!! "
Tch Tch !!!

Somehow I am very happy now a days !!! I dont know how i can make time fly without doing anything constructive !!! I have known that life is best when you have alternate layers of "No time to scratch busy" and "fly-catching free time". Perhaps that would make you enjoy both of them. And luckily my life is filled with it !!!

And another thing that makes me happy is that I have taken out my piano which has been put aside for such a long time. (Yeah pretty much like shahid kapoor in Jab we met... Unfortunately I dont play that well). I downloaded a play sheet from the net - Avril's when you're gone and tried it. I almost already knew I sucked at it. Who cares ...But I'm happy !!!

One aim on a special day is to Learn to play My small keyboard really well. Just like the other day Id thought that I should play Table tennis really well !!!

One thing more that makes me happy is that Im going to enter my final year (On conditions that our professors find my answer sheets worthy enough ) I have so many plans !!! I want to do a lot of things !!! Sometimes I feel this is one year you should really use to exercise your constructive genius rather than waste time in preparing for sappy exams like CAT , GATE, GRE !!! What say !!! I wont be getting my final year back again !!! May be life will be a bed of roses if I crack any of those. But sometimes i feel its best not to plan too much for future.

More reasons to be happy !!! I want to give place to my movie directing skills next year by taking out videos in the coll. for the coll. Then before i leave the college make the blog 100 posts. And get placed in a core company with a handsome package. And be serious about the piano thing !!! Get things done !!! And rock the next years aarohan !!!

So long !!! Primary goal is to Ward of the heat this summer !!! Remember short term planning !!!

P.S : I know vandz !!! I was tagged !!! That would be my 51st post for sure !!! I couldnt help posting this when i saw the number 49 !!!