Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scratch to Staunch !!!

Post school when we parted we had Slam Books. Yes, Those colourful diaries with questions from favorite toilet soap to darkest unrevealed secret used to be circulated among friends. Their birthdays, contact numbers, favorite cuisines, first crushes all safely stored.

Post Grad when we parted we had diaries. Real diaries. Pages of White. No questions just feelings. Long testimonials written in the form of 'How i met my best friend' unending hate for the mess food and love for maggi and the CS and the AOE and the mass bunks and the mass drunks and the etc; Just feelings. All material data stored safely on orkut & facebook and the etc;

When i joined work though, I never thought that anything even similar could be experienced. The long process of making friends. From Scratch to Staunch !!! I never thought close friends could be made at this stage of life. It seems close friends can be made at any stage of life. And beyond a particular stage you do not need slam books or diaries or orkut or facebook or etc to store them. You just do.

Now leaving on another journey, from east to the west (No, I am not going abroad), towards another stage of life, towards another long process of making friends. From Scratch to Staunch !!! Knowing names. Knowing hometowns, grad colleges, work places, making fun of it, coining nick-names, knowing each others strengths and weaknesses, pursuing hobbies, discussing nonsense, playing pranks, gossiping, interlinking,... and on and on and on... !!!