Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rats have nine lives too...!!!

This vacation when I went home, I had more than a family awaiting me. Let me show you the orkut profile of that creature

Name: Jerry- II (I kept it will soon know why)
Age : Eternal
Marital status : Ummm
..(Dunno it was real or an optical illusion but remember having seen two at a time in front of the mirror)

About me: A fun loving hole making nuisance creating mouse who simply loves to dwell in human arena

Fashion : naked
Pets : Plague bacteria
Living : In a hole

Wishlist: Cheese and chicken

Passions: Food
Sports : I love to play catch me if you can
Books: have bited through alchemist and john grisham
Tv shows: Tom and jerry
(runs around tv in prime time)
Career interests : Nibbling

Home address : Hole- 7,Under the sapota tree in the left corner of the garden.

Testimonials : Hez my best rodent frend. An adroit hole-maker….Can substitute a drilling m/c on bricks, He simply loves those home-made potato fry. A winner in running competitions. Hope you invade lots of houses....Urs Ratty.


Photos: included him with a big chunk of mayonnaised bread
Scrapbook: Err..(was filled with lots of leftovers)

Whoever said Cats had nine lives surely hadn’t researched on rats. Which I came to know during my 15 day stay at home.

The 9 lives:

Life 1 : My unkind mother flings the just washed plastic plate she held in her hand as soon as she first spotted the mouse. The mouse scurried away and poor mom had to wash the plate again.

Life 2 : This time, I spot it and luckily I even have a vegetable knife in my hand and I aim at the mouse again. Rat is too fast. I miss.

(Convinced that we are a family of poor archers we give up the idea of aiming and shooting.)

Life 3 : This time she manages a broom in her hand and thud!! Thudd!!. The rat has another escape.

(I take things into my hands now)

Life 4 : I sit ready with the broom waiting for the mouse to turn up and the moment I see I whack it and even hit it but What a Fool!!! I was…..I hit it with the soft corner of the broom and rat actually enjoys some tickling before it vanishes.

(I take pride in announcing that I finally hit it.)

Life 5 : This time I am ready with a sharp rod instead of a broom and wait. The rat comes and I whack and thud!! Oh..Oh..I knock off the mixer grinder.

(I am scolded and ordered out of the kitchen and blamed for the mess I’d caused. The rat has the last laugh)

Life 6 : I tamed the street cat and somehow dragged it towards the mouse hole only to make further mess of the garden. Either the cat was vegetarian or the stuff shown on tv is absolute crap. The rat continues a happy life.

Life 7 : Again, I take things into my stride. Being a mechanical engineer, I build a mouse trap with clamps wires and trusses and then leave it in the kitchen with a bait(leftover rice). I proudly wake up in the morning to find the cage intact and the rice gone.

(I am blamed for being such a poor engineer)

Life 8 : I get some rat poison and my mom makes all kinds of delicacies to tempt the rat. Even I was tempted....

Me : Mom, can I have one chicken chop.
Mom : No, that’s for the rat
(with a smile)
Me: At least one coconut sweet
Mom: No, that’s for the rat
(with an indignant smile)
Me: At least the left-over pakoda
Mom : No, Therz only one left and that’s for…..

I grew jealous of the mouse. Finally everything cooked and the poison was well mixed to give the rat its ‘Last Supper’. The whole thing is placed in the garden beside its abode.

The next day we find the rat still alive but the neighbours dog dead. If only dogs had nine lives too….. Alas!! The owner is still puzzled as to what killed the dog, the poor creature paid the price for no fault of its.

(Having seen what happened of the dog my mom was convinced that rat poison was the last resort for the pest)

Life 9: The whole process was repeated again and PRESTO!!! The rat is gone this time. I checked on all neighbours pets and even the street stray dogs,cats and goats. Everyone of those seemed alive and normal. Finally We lost the rat.

But I am utterly convinced that the rat is still alive but has just moved to new whereabouts. Actually I am not angry with the rat. It was actually a blessing in disguise….No, The holes did not reveal any ancestral treasure…… But it has given me activity during the holidays when I had nothing to engage myself in and even now when I have no food for thought to write my blog.

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matty said...

well funny one..
humm even i tried few of those tricks and then gave it up!!!
well yeah even i guess it didnt die..
wateva..u did kill time..
nice write up keep writing..

dude i suggest u to work out on ur template..
to make the blog bit attractive..
its kinda dull..

zahid said...

thnx dude!!! and yes even i was thinking of a new one....

Gee said...

ha ha.. funny

Somya said...

Hilarious post...ur tryst with a rat cldn't have been more fundoo...seems like rats in ur locality are pretty smart, the ones around our place are so dumb they get trapped so easily.

zahid said...


Thnx for dropping by

zahid said...


Yeah I guess Andhra pradesh godavari basin rats are too smart and Jus in case you need the poison inform me...ill get you one...

Weekend Warrior said...

Wow.. amazing post. Great narration and very humorous too. Also, a very different topic you've chosen to write on.

Poojitha Rao said...


♥busy_writer♥ said...

hahahahahahahahaha--- im laughin too hard to be able to type out a proper comment! :-p

zahid said...

@weekend warrior

thnx for dropping by...



@busy writer

Laughing hard is good for health....go on laughing

Mohan Kumar said...

nice one of all !!

Setu said...

lol.. nice..

zahid said...





abhi said...

haha very funny, dude you have too much spare time... envy envy .

zahid said...


nope....that was one of those days/....Me damn busy !!!