Thursday, August 16, 2007

Independence day chit-chat

INDIAN : Hello India! Happy 60th birthday!!!!! You have changed a lot. Don know for the better or for worse!!! But tell you something, we Indians love you the same as we once used to…

INDIA : Thank you…..

INDIAN : Hey !!! but why r u so melancholic?

INDIA : You better ask that to yourself, What does this diminishing population at the flag-hoist point to? Isn’t it a case of not respecting the Indian flag or the sacrifices of our fore-fathers?

INDIAN : No, Don’t mistake it for lack of patriotism but just that we have moved out of ‘learning from history’. We believe in contributing to Indian yield by means of seeking future. We are concentrating on increasing our own self worth, which will only augment the nation’s worth.

INDIA : You know something! I asked a few people what was so special about 15th august? An orphan boy knew nothing more than it gets him goodies he otherwise cudn’t afford. To another kindergarten girl it meant no-school.

INDIAN: They are children. When they grow up, they’d know. Also, My 5 year old neice was so excited that she asked me where you were celebrating your birthday. She wanted to attend the party.

INDIA: Grown ups are only happy if my birth date falls on Monday or Friday, so they can have a long weekend. No one is celebrating me as a festival. Its just another day. Where am I ? where is my flag? My symbol?

INDIAN: Would you be happier if we just had your map and flag spread all over the earth, sometimes being trampled by passers-by and trucks and not in the hearts?


INDIAN : Then….You cant disregard the Indian unity and its love for its fellow beings. You cant neglect the ETHICS QUOTIENT of your multi billion population. You would have seldom seen me not support you in the time of crisis. The Bhuj earth quake, the 7 wonder elections, Mumbai deluge, the cry foundation help, the conclaves each and everyone of them cite an example.

INDIA: I guess u're right....I was just being carried away by vague thoughts....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

English is a funny language

English is a funny language. Very funny. All you Naresh’s, Nitin’s and Nirmala’s would remain the same with a ‘K’ before them. Knaresh Knitin and Knirmala……....... And Sagar’s, Sumit’s and Sneha’s would look much better with a ‘P’ prefix. Say Psagar Psumit and Psneha.

Hey !!! Did you know that individuality was the opposite of dividuality, just like independence, the opposite of dependence and inefficient the opposite of efficient. And now that we have started pretending we knew English, we are told that inflammable and flammable mean pretty much the same.

We don’t know why the lack of comfort is discomfort but, not being comfortable is uncomfortable. Dont be embarrassed when you are told ‘Take a seat’ doesn’t mean getting away with a chair but to accept it. I was left waiting when I tried to find the red in ‘red with anger’ and the green in ‘green with envy’.

English is delight. Sometimes you know nothing but you can manage and some other times, being an expert you aren’t at ease.

English has got a beauty inscribed inside it. It is such a language that no urban citizen nor a rural dweller can completely ignore it. May be coz we have had 400 years of British rule. Whatever language you speak, HINDI, TELUGU, TAMIL, BENGALI….You tend to mix English between. But if you want to speak in English alone you can.

But let English remain with all its funniness. Whatz life with nothing to tickle the funny bone? I don’t know why I feel english is the only language I’m accountable for. Homo sapiens!!!!! Accept and allow english to flow in your lives. Dont consider it alien.

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