Saturday, August 30, 2008

All words are synonyms !!!

Her voice was beautiful as ever. Her eyes would catch any one's attention but they were fixed on me now. Her smile announced she was upto something. She caught hold of my foot and wrote on my sole with a blue gel pen. I turned my sole towards myself only to read her name.

"I dont like it there", I said, " I dont want to trample your name wherever I walk."

"But I want to be with you wherever you go and whenever you walk", she said.

She blinked her eyes.
I couldnt blink my eyes.

She conveyed optimism. I conveyed pessimism. But both of us conveyed love for each other. Sometimes even opposites tend to convey the same meaning, though they may not look the same to the naked ear.

So, dear frenz !!! If someone has broken up with someone please go back to see if there were some 'prepositions' that went wrong. You wouldnt want to loose someone for incorrect english !!!

Lots of love !!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mathematics of Life !!!

Sometimes I ask myself "How come out of all countries I was selected by God to be born in India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh and then in the district of East Godavari in Kakinada to these particular parents only?"

Being fond of mathematics, I lay down some mathematical equations just to show what makes it so intriguing.

There are about 212 countries in the world. Since the land is not equally distributed I wont take the probability of being born in india as '1/212'. The total land area of india is about 30 lakh square kilometers. the world land area is 14 crore. So my probability of being born in india is about '30 lakh/14 crore' which equals '1/50'.

Now coming to Andhra Pradesh whose area is about 3 lakhs. So my probability of being born in Andhra pradesh is '1/10'. And similarly the probability of being born in my district is '1/25' and thereafter in my town is '1/5'.

And then being born in a particular place and being born to a particular pair of parents are too independent events. Still making an assumption that no married foreigners came to india to give birth to a child, The population of india was around 80 crores when i was born and among them 50% were in age 20-40. So 40 Crores. Assuming there were equal men and women in the country and they married between themselves , we have 20 crore couples and which makes my probability of being born to one of them as '1/20 crore'.

So in all, my probability of being born subject to all the above constraints is (1/50)*(1/10)*(1/25)*(1/5)*(1/20 crore) = 0.00000000000008

Spellbinding, isn't it?

And to say I have made liberal assumptions throughout and also have taken an assumption that life exists only on earth.

I have always wondered why science takes into consideration upto hundreds of digits after the decimal point. What need does it serve? But yes, to unravel the mysteries God laid around, and to explain them with proper evidence you need to have mathematics. Numbers prove everything. I even subscribe to the belief that when we go deeper into the numbers we proceed further in understanding the attributes of science.

Mathematics is essentially a fact based subject. It can be either true or false but still a fact. And as an old maxim goes a single fact is worth a shipload of argument, mathematics indeed cuts out on banal talk to evolve principles.

There I end this post - but I still have a lots to write- May be some other time !!!