Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final words !!!

This post is all about ME ... ME - Mechanical Engineering

It's good when things come to you when you least expect it. The departmental farewell was something that came so.

There were highs and lows in Dept of Mechanical Engineering and both were memorable. We gave two grand viva's that showed our real calibre. We were cross questioned by Professors on things we had no idea upon. We were dipped into CATIA when we least wanted to.(But this was of great help...). We just managed to get out alive from the Electrical machines laboratory. We sold 'Chededeen' to our professors. We minted marks for nothing. We were fined 25,000 /- rupees for NOT breaking a vernier height gauge. (It was cancelled after a month luckily...).We manipulated values of the Standard Units to get answers. Things like Simply Supported Beam and methods like Simplex Method were too complex for us. We painted our drawing sheets instead of Engineering drawing. We gave seminar's on each other's topics and project on senior's topics. But we were very decent. We didn't give mis-calls to the very professor who was teaching us in the class. We din't fling chalk pieces at them. We didn't comment them in their presence. :D

On the occasion of Farewell, I would like to record words of our professors in their final address to us:

Prof. I. Basak : Points at the banner behind that reads 'FAREWELL' and says " FARE WELL IN YOUR LIFE"

Prof.B.Halder : A chicken needs to come out of its shell to grow. But it should not forget the shell because it was what provided witht the initial nutrients for its growth. Never forget this shell - NIT Durgapur.

Prof. A.K. Pramanik : I taught you thermodynamics and it is my habit to deal with ideal processes and ideal cycles. You have been in such a state till now. You are going to go out of the ideal case into the real world. All the best.

Prof. N.Hui : Do not continue your future the same way you read Air conditioning and refrigeration (The toughest subject of ME), You need to control your life properly. And every time in life try to optimize and achieve maximum efficiency.(He teaches Control systems and operation research)

Prof. N.Banerjee : I will tell you a story. There was once a stone statue carver. He was selling his statues while a passer by asked him about another statue that was kept at the back of the stack. The carver said that it has a small hole and is defective. The man said that It wouldn't matter because when this was mounted at a height of 30-40 metres it wouldnt matter. No one would know its defective. The man said " I would know that it was defective." Similarly only the college and the professors know whatever defect is in you. Outside this world no one knows you. You are just 2k9 Mechanical Pass out. Use this oppurtunity to prove yourself inspite of what you were in the college.

Prof. A.K.Saha : The 2k5-2k9 batch rocked. It was a batch that took a lot of initiatives and that achieved a lot.

Prof.A.Layek : All the best for your future.

Don't know when the whole batch will meet again. It might not be long for there is a convocation. Hope we all make it and share our 5 month Real life Experiences.......


pradeep said...

hey zahid da fine was 25k bucks.....nd will really miss dese dayz later.........Royal mech rocks !!!!!!

zahid said...

Ya.. Ya It was 25k. We were lucky enough to get away with it. We dint even work on getting it repaired properly.

Matty said...

good one..
reminded me of my good old days!

keep scribbling dude..

D@r$hi said...

hey zahid ..
congrads for finishing ur college..
i dont if u remember me..
u comemnted on my blog once. i saw it today and wanted to catch up with u.. and i must say..u r gone really ahead.. and ur writing has become really good keep it up ..

Rahul Jha said...

awesome post. indeed was a memorable day...

Vandita said...

great post zahid...
congrats to my fellow engineer :)