Saturday, October 6, 2007

My College Uncensored

I sat down to pen an article on…on what?? I dint know but I knew it was for ‘Deja vu’. Lemme tell you deja vu is my college's official magazine. So what do I write about our dear college…. Let me go branch wise….

Mechanical: The branch happiest with the placement ratio…Well, dint we always calculate mechanical efficiency higher than other efficiencies?

Electrical :
They are the optimists of our college. They mainly deal with the positive(+) side of things and say that the negative(-) end adjusts by itself.

Civil :
Strictly speaking this is the only branch that could actually develop the college. Why don’t we give them the hall renovation tender as the summer project?

Metallurgical :
Don’t ever think they have had too much of metals? Believe me!! They can strike gold anywhere & anytime and put the rest of us and our placements to shame.

We learnt every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Their life is filled with so many reactions, it must be worth learning what their actions were

Computers : To err is human and to blame it on the computer is even more so. That proves they are human but please somebody tell me how do humans get such high CGPA’s.

Electronics :
The other day they came up with a proposal ‘2 + 2 = 5 for larger values of the former’. Don’t understand how they made it but cant ignore it. After all they are the respective first seaters.

IT :
When computers were born people were afraid that they might start thinking as men. Now we are afraid that our intellects might begin to think like computers.

Bio-tech : Yet to be experimented and an infant stage branch of the college. Don’t new borns attract the maximum attention? Beware!! They might just walk away with the fattest packages next year.

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matty said...

good one..
as I am an engineering grad myself...
i knida loved it.
well have to say..

zahid said...

Thnx dude!!!
May i know your branch????

Patchez said...

Insightful... its great i'm not an engineer or a budding one either!! :P oops.. dun snatch tha hammer an run after me.. i just meant to say i couldn't have appreciated it as much as im doing now :) - keep that up.