Sunday, May 3, 2009

Room Excavation !!!

It is sad but you have to pack your things and go back. And when you start this final packing, you will unravel lots of interesting things that sat in the corner of your room till today. You look at them and listen to each of its stories while slowly packing.

1. A Doctor prescription dated 14th november 2007 that gave me spectacles for the first time and for life.

2. Two Citi residency discount coupons whose validity was over in August 2008.

3. A birthday card from Uday given 2 months after my bday and which read :

Some B'day cards are flowery and frilly,
Some B'day cards are goofy adn silly,
Some B'day cards are cold and sedate,
And some B'day cards like this one are,
Late !!!

4. Autumn 07 edition of Deja Vu- college's newsletter and My Article in it.

5. 'One love' song lyrics which i gave my junior to write during ragging.

6. A 40 page CAD-CAM assignment that took a whole day to write back then.

7. A ninth class computer text book i brought here to learn html which i never did. And also a logarithmic tables book.

8. A college letter that ordered us to refrain from ragging and get a signed letter from parents supporitng it. All of us forged it. No one will travel/courier 1500 kms to get a piece of letter signed.

9. The first question paper i set as part of Maths N Tech club, set of 30 questions to solve in 30 minutes.

10. A january 2006 calendar of events, that month I dont know why but i recorded everything, prominent of which are

Jan 15 - Gulti family rejoins after winter
Jan 21 - the first real session of ragging (which meant seniors beat you)
Jan 25 - Seniors asked me to propose shruti coz she was a telugu speaking girl
Jan 28 - Session got cancelled luckily.

There are a lot more things to look at and smile and upon.... Life always gives you memories. They dont come with pictures. They come with real things that you can touch and reminisce.


A 2 Z said...


Bad Ass Thambi said...

i goin to write the same article.. neways.. nice one..

zahid said...


but a :) for a new beginning

@Bad ass thambi man (BAT MAN)

Hehe.. it makes a great post

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

awww!! that happens to me everytime i clean my room..

keerthi said...

I'm visiting your blog for the first time..and from your posts..u seem to be nostalgic...

happens, good times dont last long..

i enjoyed reading your posts..good work!!

Rahul Jha said...

great blog!

Estel said...

Miss all those days.. :(

and by the way i purchased that card well b4 ur bday...

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