Friday, March 11, 2011

Eyes Into Eyes. !!!

Eyes Into Eyes
Yet to Break the Ice. !!!

Eyes Into Eyes
A Hidden Glance. A Guise. !!!

Eyes Into Eyes
Anxious. Rolling like a Dice. !!!

Eyes Into Eyes
Caught on. Paid the Price. !!!

Eyes Into Eyes
Once Bitten. Shy Twice. !!!

Eyes Into Eyes
Yet they yearn & Rise. !!!

Eyes Into Eyes
Unsure & Shy. They Realize. !!!

Eyes Into Eyes
Broke the Ice. !!!


Rahul 【ツ】 Maddy said...

aankhon hi aankhon mein ishara ho gaya :)

ZodiaC said...

Baithe Baithe Jeene ka Sahara Ho gaya !!!

DragonKnight said...
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PaRaM said...

Nice...Hope the last line comes true for you soon!

Zahid said...


We discussed a theory the other day !!!