Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Number Nostalgic

There are a few alphabets in everybody's name. There are also a few numbers in everybody's life. Numbers that bind you with memories. Your first room number. Your Dorm number. Your roll number. Your board examination total. Your B'date. Someone special's B'date.

At Wimwi, you are supposed to come prepared to class with Number-Work. NPV, EOQ, Working Capital, Payoff of a Call Option, Demand Forecast, Market Share, P/E - Everything is a number. Everyday you run into numbers - sometimes 3 places past decimal point. They stay in mind till the class ends or your attention ends - whichever is earlier.

There exists a different class of numbers stamped somewhere amongst neurons.

Over a game of bowling, I witnessed a number. 211. 4 Roommates on first day of the college. Each had a different story before we met. And then our stories overlapped. It remained the only room to have all 4 mechanical engineers. Now we live in all 4 directions of the country - Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jamshedpur & Bangalore.

A few months earlier 178 turned out to be net bill of a Big Bazaar Outlet. For very long in my life it was Just another even number. Came July 2005 and it was my identity. Must have written it some 1000 times in 4 years on exam papers, library book issues, event registrations, fee receipts, doodling randomly, etcetera.

19 was just another prime number. It already isn't. A few years down the line, It could turn up in strange ways. The price of a kilogram of tomatoes. An article of constitution. Points scored in one turn of Scrabble. Minimum temperature on a pleasant day. First Innings lead of team India. Group Size of your Workplace. It could touch you anywhere.

Then there are numbers you are sub-consciously conditioned. 3.14, 22/7 can mean only one thing. 273 will mostly remind you zero kelvin. 9 will be the number of planets. 101 will always be Dalmatians. 200 will be Sachin Tendulkar. 12 will be the signs of Zodiac. Inspite of Ophiuchus.

I do not believe in numerology. I don't care what it predicts. It is so open-ended, I could fit in anything that happens to me in it. Truth is you feel about some numbers consciously or sub-consciously. You Catch up on some old friends and memories and your day naturally turns out to be good (or bad).


Spirit Matters said...

Nice one...

Parimal said...

i am dyslexic as far as numbers are concerned, but since some well known person in western india has written it, it ought to be awesome !! gusshow

zahid said...

Thank you Shashank. Spirit Does Matter

@Parimal, Nepotism huh?? :P

tejesh kinariwala said...

I think numbers are like those perception maps that we learnt in our marketing 1. Each number is mapped on this mind map. With experiences (some unique some common) these locations (numbers) are occupied one by one.
But some numbers are really too crowded to be special like Zero (from test marks to girlfriends everything!)

zahid said...


I wonder if the number map in the mind is an integer line or a real number line. Do we also personalize fractions. I am not sure.