Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 9 month Nemesis

At wimwi, you live in analogies. If you look at the 9 months you spent as PGP1 and the 9 odd months in gestation, you beat thousands of competitors to be where you are, yet you feel out of place in the womb. Slowly, you settle, the size of the Globe bulges and the pain increases. And then at the end of 9 months, there is something called 'LIFE'. The PGP1 Survivor.

Strange it is how a place changes you faster than the speed at which you adopt it. And hence you are left asking yourself Why after you have done it. This place has Forever:
  • Changed the way I express my appreciation
  • Changed the way I consume and prepare Juices
  • Changed the speed with which I turn the pages
  • Changed the speed with which I walk on grass and concrete
  • Changed the way I express my words(Read: Bullet Points)

When I look back I see, some of my most cherished moments have a time stamp of xx:59:59 and some of the most humorous moments had a GPS Location: classroom. Attendance norms ensured it was almost always filled, and like one professor says, it is saturated with knowledge, because only the most talented students enter and when they leave they know nothing. True story.

Time flew really fast. Time flew a full cycle. At about this time last year, done with the interviews, I was busy reading random blogs by seniors about life at iim-x(x is a variable and not a city in the series of newly installed iim's), anxiously waiting for updates on Pagalguy, enjoying x versus y fights, taking advice from biased and unbiased mentors....

And it's almost time to welcome a new batch of Fachhas. On any day, you will be handling no less than a few millions of dollars of company's assets. On some days, you would go speechless, for you would have exhausted all your words in an over-night assignment. On some sundays, all you do is refresh your facebook page. On yet another, you are busy surveying people for a project.

On one No moon day, you might be hell-busy mixing colors to win a Rangoli competition. On yet another, in Prof's words, busy torturing data trying to get it confess something. On some 14th, you might stand embarrassed, with dear friends deciding to play a prank on your crush. On yet another, you might be giving a quiz, unannounced, unconvinced, unsure and unable.

PGP-1 changes your name forever and literally teaches you how to EXCEL. PGP-1 changes the time you sleep, the food you eat and the bare minimums you need. PGP-1 helps you understand your potential. Helps you calculate your modulus of elasticity.(Engineers Read: makes you realize how much you can stretch and yet return back to original state.) PGP1 ensures that every word written on this blog makes sense as you read it.

. . . . . . . . . When I look at my womb for 9 months, I see that the chairs were right there throughout. Every year a few feet sit together. At the end of the year they part ways. Very rarely are twins born. Very rarely are triplets born. Very rarely is life going to be as safe as the womb and as cosy as the room. Very rarely is the same experience relived.

The closest way any to relive them will be to read, like and comment on the incoming fachha's status updates and custom messages as they travel along these 9 wonderful months of Life. :|


sanjay said...


rajeshp said...

Awsomax Post SinghJi..

Parimal said...

Studapa !

k'sonal_theknowlegend said...

great piece yaar,
perfect analogies with apt humour.
It seems u hav learnt a LOT!!

PaRaM said...

Would not let this be the Comment-Ender :D


Z Level!

You are one of the most gifted persons on Earth, don't let anything change that. And more importantly, don't change the speed at which you walk on grass and concrete!

Kirtan said...

Z level :)

Zahid said...

@sanjay, rajeshp, parimal -

@k'sonal -
Learnt a lot, yes but only Jargon

@Param -
FS to not changing the speed of walk on grass on concrete.

@Kirtan -

Prachi said...

Hey.... really gud to see tht u still blog....

Amazing post :)
Took me back to may last days of 1st year....

Keep blogging...