Friday, April 13, 2007

TTT - The Time Traveller

The time frame i was in always differed a lot from others who were striving hard for each and every thing they wanted in their life...
The past and future is always been a myth to me..

A lot of people vary with our opinions amidst our fact being right or wrong.. Its just that., they have some kinda objection for whatever we bring out.. same as we.. we also have the same kinda scientific disease.. its not epidemic.. its cultivated all in ourself.. thats why White blood cells got act as a saviour in the cases where the Red cells try to dominate..

The time traveller was my best friend.. until i realised that i dunt need it.. is it contradicting., how can ya dunt need ya best friend.. well., it was kinda MPD that created and annihilated all within my neurons!! i travelled a lot back in our history and a lot forward in the future., he tuk me where ever i wanted..

One day., it was like., a dampned twilight during those spring evenings.. when suddenly it showered., i wanted to make myself drooped in those un-seasonal rain water.. my soul was even more thirsty., i was kinda stuck my some kinda awe.. i met sumone., right in front of me.. he was, rather it was a kinda impression which i saw in the rain waters that were railing down wards to the earth..

It sed me., that i can do to any place of any time period i wished., i went to my childhood and saw myself so happy and not caring abt any other things.. then again., i went to future to my settled time in which i was relaxed a lot having the sip of my last few days.. i came back to present..
when i cud be happy and relaxed at the beggining., why this fuss and fussed up things all inbetween..

I cud remember the dialogue from a famous film : "we kip one foot in the past., another in the future and piss at the present"
ha ha., very funny.. well this friend of mine was so sweet., for the reason it cud do things unimaginable., but it was the one which made me find so miserable of what i am..

I felt., this.. having too much good is also a bad..
i know sumthng that is not very ineterstin for all of ya.. the DEJA VU's everyone have is not really a imagination.. its the minds power to think a lot before it happens..

Time travellin is not possible.. juz forget it..
make things around ya in ya present to be more beautiful which inturn makes u more beautiful.. love ya surroundings and it will be the best that can make ya happy forever..


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