Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dont kill your dreamz

Itz great to have a dream!!!!!!!!!!!

Its great to press the '!' key on the keyboard for a long time.!!!!!!!!!

Itz great to write a blog!!!!!!!

Itz even great to express!!!!!!!

Itz great just to be surrounded by so many greats!!!!!!

Comin back to Dreamz........ How often do you dream? or rather how often do you remember your dreamz? Science tells us that we all hav dreamz but not all of us do remeber them. Religion tells us that only good dreamz are to be shared and the bad dreamz to be kept with you. Dreamz carry us into a world where the rules of reality do not apply.

I was all by myself in my room. It was night for sure. It crossed midnight. I wasnt sure what i wanted to do. I lay upon my back, my head resting over the pillow,legs straight, my brain thinkin of the usual nonsense, it had always been upto, and my eyes droopy yet open watching the fan revolve. The next moment i was asleep.

### I was on the roof of my paternal grand father's house and all of a sudden i fell from the roof. i was falling and then there was a discrete feelin runnin, a feelin that is experienced by a freely falling body perhaps. A feelin of approach to the ground. A feelin of bouyancy effect. All these runnin and i suddenly awoke. I was still experiencing the fall. it took a few seconds before i came back to normal.

I applied newtons first law here. I continued to be in the same state even after the dream was over till the external stimulus, perhaps my brain, produced the friction effect to have a stop on it. I pondered over this. Would it have been the same feeling had i really fell from such a height? I couldnt get the answer. I presumed yes. So, i had experienced a close to death situation.

People usually tell that you dream of things that you long for or have been thinkin of for quite some time, but my dreamz are contrary. I dream of things which i wasnt associated with anywhere in the near past. Reason? i don know. What i hav deduced is that i put my sub-conscious mind to work on things that i desire and at some point in space and time they come out as dreamzzzzzzzzz.

Dont kill ur dreamz. Dreamz do mean something, though you cant term it as prediction of future. Dreams provide you with fodder to think upon. More often than not my dreamz remain incomplete and i find myself crafting theories to conclude them. Dreams need to be interpreted. Ancestors had means of analysing dreams. we have lost it by concentrating too much on logic and less on creativity.

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Anonymous said...

wow.........dats a gr8 1..... too true.....

manisha said...

*clap , clap , clap*....salvos....i cud so much relate to it...........gr888888 work

Patchez said...

Indeed... dreams do mean a lot.. and not necessarily wat u want.. but also ur fears deep down :)

original work dude!