Friday, April 20, 2007

Is luv a 3 letter word ?

Nice question..... There must be a price for it!!!!!!!!!

For those internet freaks n the sms addict’s luv is sure a 3 letter word. For those perfectionist grammatical pundits who are especially particular over spellings and punctuation it can be nothing but a 4 letter word. For those ones who are not quite literate and hav had bad schooling it can vary depending on god knows what! For tennis, badminton and tt freaks it is a ZERO.

Those who hav understood this itz great. For those whose brain hasn't asked their lips to impart a smile, itz normal too.... they can continue wid the remainder of the blog.

I searched through Google and Oxford dictionary to check out how many letters it indeed had?

The first definition I could find was that love ‘was a pleasure’. P-L-E-A-S-U-R-E was an 8 letter word. Then I checked what pleasure was. Pleasure was an activity that affords enjoyment. I presumed it wrong….love doesn’t afford anything.

The second one I found was ' a strong positive E-M-O-T-I-O-N '. Then love was a 7 letter word. Emotion meant a feeling but love can’t be described as just a engulfs larger things.

Then I found ‘an O-B-J-E-C-T of warm affection' . It was a 6 letter word. Then I checked what object meant. Object was defined as a visible entity..... Then I presumed that love isn’t a 6 letter word for love isn't visible.

Then I found that love was a 'a beloved H-U-M-A-N '. Then love was a 5 letter word. I looked into human, I found human was just another person like us. Love can be an inanimate thing also. I concluded love aint 5 letter.

Then I found that love was’ lust’. Then love would be 4 letter. But then lust can be love but love cant be lust…..vice versa aint true.

Finally I found that love was ‘S-E-X’. Then love would be a 3 letter word. Thinking conventionally love wasn’t sex either.

I couldn’t find any two letter or uni-letter ones.
What then was love? How many letters does it contain?

Google provides the world with answers to every question but it couldn’t give an answer to one of the most elementary questions that the world is after, the world is really crazy to know. The world needs an answer to this question to act accordingly. The world needs an answer so that they don’t hit the bottom when things go wrong. Love needs a global meaning. Letz see how fast can google hit upon a solution.

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aizy said...

kewl is 4 letters
nice is 4 letters
sexy is 4 letters
hazy is 4 letters