Friday, November 5, 2010

The pursuit of HappEness

Some people blog just because they have it on their resume. Some others to express. Yet others to impress. The reasons do not matter. The blog does. And I decide to resume something that i classify as interests on my resume.

Life at Wimwi is cruelly awesome. For Cat Aspirants who assume we are all nerds wearing spectacles 5 diopters deep, Good news : The batch average goes less than 1 diopter deep. Pretty much in the reach right. Not the best of analogies but all the best for CAT 2010.

Life at Wimwi is gruelly awesome. You get to see the early bird catching the worm daily. Literally. Once you witness it you go safely to sleep. And then you wake up before the bird digests the worm.

Today, one such morning, I happened to witness this.And then I realized the importance of having a camera ready at hand. :)

More importantly i realized what I wanted to be. Deep down I am still a boy who likes to stare at a speeding airplane till it disappears in thin air(Literally). I am still the one who likes to throw water from the terrace and hear the sound as it taps the ground. Still the one who loves the distinct smell in the air after it rains, still the one who loves to experiment with the size and shape of shadows in the dark, still the one who loves reading old letters from friends & relatives ...

Somewhere in the rush you stop realizing it. The little things that make you happy.

Its festival time and a great opportunity to revisit old friends. Friends are like bank accounts. There is a savings account. There is a current account. You spend the whole life with your current account. You peak in to the savings account sometimes. Life goes on with the current account. All good memories are etched with the savings account.I have decided to send these memories (read photos) as part of an individual level 'Is diwali Aap Kisko Khush kar rahe ho' campaign.

The pursuit of HappEness is more than just a phrase. And there is more than one reason for the 'E' in HappEness.


Aditya said...

Wonderfully put.. way to go!

Cinderella said...

What a delightful post to read on this joyous occasion, from you Zahid and after so long!

Why didnt you tell me you have been writing??

Tippu Sultan said...

nice post yaar.. enjoyed it.. Keep the spirit going.. By Gos' grace u'll achieve wat u intend to.. :)

Rajesh said...

hey nice one ra...urey ee comment verification work kuda cat(ersta) to start ayindi:P

PVJ said...
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PVJ said...

this post is terribly awesome!! loved rdng evry line - hope t c u resume dis 1 interest of ur resume more often than nt :)

zahid said...

@aditya :)
@cinderella Well, Its just begun back. And I havent visited others for so long.
@Tippu :) Amen !!!
@Rajesh haha. Thats For Spammers
@pvj - :)