Saturday, June 19, 2010

First view of IIM - A

Finally after a 36 hour long journey I had my first step in IIM - A. Only to see that the college is full of steps. Perhaps it has its own way to teach u things. Life is full of steps. Lets leave philosophy here. The next important thing you will notice is brick. Like someone said that this college was built brick by brick by the people who happened to study here. The next amazing thing is you are lost. Yes, you are. You feel like a rookie on Counter Strike and to top it, the lift here has an G, A and B point instead of 1 and 2. You enter in one direction and exit in the other. Large diametric holes seem to be result of a grenade attack. But will soon realise that its no lesser architects marvel.

As historical as the moment seems they allotted me a number which read '1943'. The best thing i can co-relate myself with 1943 is that I am in WIMWI and 1943 was the time of WWII. Alas !! No other historically significant event i can think of without using google. The previous occupant of this room was a ghajini of sorts from the scribblings on the wood to remind him of things that one might forget after 15 minutes of loosing oneself completely in the awesome campus. Inspired from 3 idiots a 'mm' comes into your room. It becomes clear that he knows the place in and out. Perhaps the one stop shop for all your hostel needs.

One thing u realise very soon here is that your existing GSM/CDMA provider is running deep debt under roaming and you go looking for advice for a new connection. Here everyone has an offer for you. Uninor says that it gives 5% to 60% discount based on which tree you are standing under. tata docomo says that you will be charged on nano-second pulse. Idea gives easy connections as it wont take applications this time to save paper of course. virgin mobile trying to compete in saving paper is not even willing to provide recharge vouchers. Reliance thinks a picture speaks a thousand words and has life-sized hrithik posing with a flute. Sad story there is no ready pick. Students are on the look out of an operator who gives discount proportional to their cat percentiles. Alas.

A few other trivial and unimportant things to notice. The tissues you use inside the campus are themselves branded. They bear the logo and are branded for life. Yes, until they reach the 'Use Me'. The trees here are etched with their own scientific name, perhaps to entice the few of those non-engineer non-commerce people who somehow make it here. Magnifera Indica and Azadirachta Indica included. The college is mainly inhabited by three creatures. The homosapiens, avians and the canines. They bark at the CAT'S that come in but soon make friends. Avians however love being photographed and appeearing in subsequent college brochures. Homo sapiens are the ones that buy SIM cards and implement great ideas. For instance using solar panels to capture energy. A great idea to a place that is generally very hot by the grace of god. And to go green further you have a special place called 'Joos'. And it sells the same things it pronounces. But all organic fresh and healthy. If appy fizz and grappo fizz are 'Two cool drinks to hangout with', Joos is 'Too many cool drinks to hang out with.' Also the best bet in a dry state. Calling it a dry state would be a misnomer. It actually is pretty humid. And locationally the power to follow a time zone of its own. People coming from other side of the subcontinent do not find it easy tracking time just by having a look at the sun. Unlike their territory the moon comes out much before it is dark.
Finishing a post needs a power statement and I have none at my disposal. So i guess this post is going to have a sequel.


Quaintzy Patchez said...

All the best Zed :)


all d best dude and if possible try to contact this guy vijay pampana (a true cricket freak)

Vandita said...

Wow... besties Zahid :)
this is awesome news
lol@ discounts proportional to CAT percentiles :)

zahid said...


Thanks a lot and i guess its time to learn a lot more abt ahmd from you.

zahid said...


yes dear i met him. he lives in my dorm itself and discussed todays indo pak match too

zahid said...


thank u :) And sadly no operator is willing to provide such discounts :(

Kaustav said...

Hi Zahid. I don't know you. But i stubled upon your blog. I am an IIMA aspirant. I have never visited the campus, but still have views about it. Ur blog somehow helped me give a somewhat vivid image about IIMA. please keep posting stuff about IIMA. Could I also get ur email id? Thanks.

Gauri Gharpure said...

congratulations Zahid.. landed on your blog after ages and see you have landed in IIMA.. super cool:)

Alameen said...

Man.. am here after a year and half.. and see what i read... IIMA.. My salute and best wishes..

You just reminded me about my 3 CAT attempts.

Am very happy for you Zahid..

Have a nice time and come out with flying colours..

sana said...

Guess i'm pretty late to write this...still, Congos on getting into IIMA!
N real good article :)