Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nonsense !!!

Its getting mad, madder. I want to open another blog of my own to write. Now this moment. That would be my own and private. Where I can write everything that I want to write with people's real names and real incidents everything uncensored. But Im so sleepy that i cant go through all the processes now.

Seriously over the past few days I'm dying in dilemma of what I must be doing with the next few years of my life. I did plan things.... They havent gone wrong. They are all in position. Somehow my own thoughts have changed. I dont want to continue with that.

Things are getting mad. Exams are going on. I dont complain. They are going on well. Atleast till now. Unlike the previous semesters I am satisfied this time with myself after writing. They dint go brilliant. I dint spoil them either. Though I am bent on maintaining : The best way to term them is Okayish to everybody no matter What position they occupy in your life.

Life is getting busier. I am loving it. Orkut has introduced a lot of widgets. One being typeracer. I feel sorry for my keyboard which I banged because I lost three races back to back. I am bloody angry at that. The same angriness that was on my face when I went to the mess and found the food over by that time and especially when it was a special dinner. Not everyday I get it.

Dont know...Bloody sleepy helluva..Still writing....coz I wanted to write and I couldnt open the private blog of my own now !!! No exaggerations...Nothing...No spice...Just plain nonsense !!! 2:28 A.M now...Never mind... I was awake worser than that.

Seriously I love you zahid except when you are such a pest to yourself !!! I hate you when you get mad !!! You make things just worse... Aah......Wish I could shout and no one could hear !!!


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

aww, tis alright, tell yourself that you're going to feel better soon cause am sure you will. :) incidently, am in one of this kinda phases too...expect the fact that i was so frustrated day before that i even deleted my pvt blog. lol.
and oukut's sure givin tough competition to facebook! :D
btw, congratulations on doin good this sem.. :)

Matangi Mawley said...

blog helps u to be a better person..
i ve felt tht always.
so sleepyy n u still write so well...
hats off!

Lena said...

not nonsense at all, zahid.
sometimes i feel the same way, but the next day i wake up and the idea of private blog is gone.
But then if you ever need to talk to someone, i am always there, you know :)
Take good care,
cheer up!!

AVINASH said...

hmmmm atleast u r doing better than my 1k line coding shit which gives 100 errors........

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Amandeep said...

like this?

Prachi said...



Cinderella. said...

Dude - COME BACK !!!!!

Aparna Kar said...

'Posted by zahid at 2:20 AM.' Proves it. You are truthful at your vulnerable most. :)
Btw, get that blog done, and you might want to come back to this one. I have a private blog of my own, but it's gathering cobwebs now.

Patchez said...

*cups her hands on her ears*

Scream, blogger boi... eat your heart out! 8)

Vandita said...

:)...thats all.
take care zahid

*~*Sameera*~* said...

That's exam stress dear bro!

Btw,hope you made a blog for yourself! :)