Thursday, January 3, 2008

Veiwing the idiot box !!!

I am not a tv addict but being a human need to watch it sometimes... And oh my god !!! what all happens now-a-days !! have a glimpse of it here !!!
Bomb diffusion scene :
There was just 5 minutes for the bomb to explode !!! And obviously the hero has come to diffuse the bomb !!! everyone is evacuated while the hero is alone to battle the bomb which is morever showed on live tv.... Time for hero to do something...he plucks a wire ....then he goes OMG and WTF !!! Time is running !!! If he fails to diffuse the whole arena is supposed to be blown off which of course is never going to happen !!! The hero tries real hard in pretending that he doesnt know this fact....plucks more wires.... More OMG's !!! More WTF's !!! only one minute remaining. More OMG's !!! And then suddenly..... After 7 minutes the bomb is finally diffused but everything is safe !!! Nothing blows up !!! how is this possible ? The trick is that the hero need not count the 6 minutes used in between for Advertisements !!!

Cricket all the way :
These advertisements grab the maximum time in cricket too !!! One of these days you will find dhoni summoned by match refree for slow over rate !!!
Refree : Thats real bad !!! you took 1 hour extra to bowl 50 overs !!!
Dhoni : That was bcoz we Indians need to do so many advertisements in between the overs...that it gets late !!!! never mind !!!
Refree : You cant get away with this ...what must i do???
Dhoni : reduce the match to 20 overs and see if we dont win !!!
Refree : No, not that way !!! you will be fined !!!
Dhoni : (calculates in the air)okay...I will be earning enough with those advt's even if you fine upto 75% of my match fee !!!
Refree : I will give you a 3 match ban !!!
Dhoni : that means i can go for the video shoot of reliance and hero honda and amul shakti and the new one with deepika WOW !!! They were pending for weeks bcoz of cricket !!!
Refree : AARgh !!! (summons the whole team and asks them one by one)
Refree : Mr.Tendulkar !!! what makes you run for boost every time an over completes !!!
Tendulkar : I have to !!! How else do you think i got 15,000+ runs !!!
Refree : Mr.Ganguly !!! do you also want to say you got 10,000+ runs eating those britannia biscuits!!
Ganguly : No !! No !! me and tendulkar both drink boost !! we dip these biscuits in it so it gets tasty and flavory !!!
Refree : *hits his head with the willow and faints...Presently in coma*

Channel 'V' :

The title track of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was so long that it required 2 advertisements in between to finally complete it !!! And why did Amrita Rao need to do My name i s anthony gonsalves...The hero looked a complete daffar...I would have been a better option !!!

Relief came in the form of Jodha Akbar's Jashn-e-bahaara track !!!!

Taare zameen par :

Saw the movie...liked it....And at the song "Meri maa" God....My eyes were fillin with tears....I couldnt stop them...What beautiful lyrics !!! At the parts when the boy cries in bed after all the lights are switched off and then the one in the bathroom alone and then cleans with water before comin out...God...Somewhre it hit me....I cried like that when i was young... Oh.... Life sails Indeed !!!


Vandita said...

hmm i guess im the only one on earth who hasn't seen TZP...hope to catch it soon!

The Mad Girl said...

My Tendulkar Rocks!!!
But hilarious conversation, that...dipping biscuits in boost indeed.:)
Yes Thatactor in my name is... looks a complete duffer. and my sis is going gaga over jashn-e-bahara.
I watched TZP.It is a lovely movie.made my parents watch it too.I was crying but burst out laughing when I saw my irritated and frustrated frnd scratch his head wildly seeing us all in tears[he hates emotional scenes]. So TZP was a mixture of tears and laughter for me.
And my favourite song is mera jahan. Maa is beautiful as well. awesome lyrics!

Vivek Pandey said...

LOL! Great piece of work! Quite interesting posts, especially the one about the mosquitoes!

Keep up the good work dude!

divya said...

Omg zahid...u so good at commedy re :P b a comedian na :P

avinash said...
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avinash said...
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avinash said...

u gotto see hotshots movie once .....
u forgot the videocon ad... i couldn't understand that till now wats the relation between two bro's meeting and videocon electric applicances.....

zahid said...

@ vandita


zahid said...

@mad girl

But cant donwload jashne bahhara from link....TZP yes.....must watch and must let out of tears.... mix of trars and laughter...good !!!

zahid said...

@vivek pandey

Thnx dude...I will !!!

zahid said...


Couldnt u use a euphemism??? :(

zahid said...

@comment deleted !!!

*growls* hey i would have loved positive or negative oboth type of comments !!

zahid said...


Taht is one more sick ad..but jus that it is light hearted and has shahrukh and dhoni it runs with the junta !!!!! The main mesage of the company is not delivere d!!

S Ramanathan said...

true...i cried for taare too..too good a movie...i wished the movies was longer...!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was so funny!Idiot box ki idiotic kathaye ache lage padke :)

Btw that song has me crying buckets each time I listen to it,and watching it was so painful!

P.S. Oye,where is the tag ha???

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was so funny!Idiot box ki idiotic kathaye ache lage padke :)

Btw that song has me crying buckets each time I listen to it,and watching it was so painful!

P.S. Oye,where is the tag ha???

Gauri Gharpure said...

hey zahid.. again, an interesting one.. and u seem to be experimenting with the templates a lot! :) cya around...

zahid said...

@ ramanathan

The movie was tha optimum length i felt !!!!

zahid said...


Really the song !!! I listen to it always all the lyrics and sing along ...that makes me somehow feel better happy kinof

zahid said...


Yeah...sure am i change with the environment...err blog..!!!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Rockin post zahid....the convo was damn funny....nd even the u r really gud at comedy yaar....keep up the gud work....nd yea im gonna blogroll u...hi time i did it...rocker of a blog....
Happy New Year

divya said...

lolz...euphemism for comedian...lolzzz okies how does joker sound to ya :P

Lena said...

i guess tv is the same everywhere all around the world :P
funny post but just as usual :D

and ... errrr.... am not sure divya knows what euphemism is :P :D

zahid said...

@tentacle man

Thank you dude !!! I will not let you down err...lagta hai filmy dialogue mar diya !!!

zahid said...


Forget how it sounds to me...I think i am gonna take your english classes from tomorrow !!!

zahid said...


Hmm...Tv is same all around the world...Im not sure ....And I thought russians had superior tv telecasting habits !!! And divya hehe... tomorrow add this piece to the post you dedicated on her !!!

Setu said...

lol.. nice, funny post..

matty said...

thank god!
i thought i was d only boy to cry when i saw TZP...
and still all the girls say "matty is heartless!! God!"

loved ur post..
the cricket part was way too funny...

keep writing..

zahid said...


Thnx dude !!!

zahid said...


I am about the same happy to find a soul in hav cried !!!