Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Of New year, spectacles and mosquitos

Everyone seems to be posting on new year !!! I have nothing special to write on it !!! but a happy new year to one and all !!! This new years eve of mine was spent in a train !!! The magical moment...err midnight was spent with eyes closed in a thick blanket with not a whiff of a cracker !!! So...nothing special...din watch any special programmes or wished frenz !!! And i am beginnin to hate orkut for its multiple scrap feature...being bombarded with all kinds of wrong scraps !!
Finally i am back to college after a long journey which involved an auto, 2 buses and 2 trains and lots of walk in between !!! In the train for the first time i found a silly girl glancing at me....this was only my second journey with my spectacles !!! was I veiwable in spectacles?? or was it that now that i wore them i could see surroundings better !!! will have to research on this !!!
But the spectacles had a tough time with me !!! A 11 month old baby i fondled plucked my specs out and threw them twice.... And pretending to sleep (oneof my arts !!!) was difficult withthese on !!! And i dint know whre to keep my specs in the trail room for changing a t-shirt !!! My freedom to sleep anyhwere and sleep while reading is lost !!! *remembering those moments*
Now i continue my days at home...
Watched Life in a .... Metro !!! Late night and all the time it was Life with a .... mosquito !!! Here i tell you something about them.... This winter they have breeded so well that i can guarantee there are some 100001 mosquitoes for every man in india(women ratio is different again)...So dense were they that I could kill a few hundred by just walking around the home stamping them....They could sit on the all out machine and yet stay hale and hearty(okay okay....the machine was not connected with electrictiy but waht abt the odour!!!) You raise your head to drink water frm a blottle and you couldnt escape a few in your mouth!!! So high is their number that i am surprised i havent got dengue yet !!!
Life is such !!!


Cinderella. said...

Me first ?!!!

You have a way with know that ?

The "Life with a Mosquito" was hillarious !!
LOLZ !!!

I bet they would have taken out all the chances of your liking the movie....did they ?
Hope not, coz me thinx that was a decent film. Whaddya think ?

I'm always the one for longish comments. Sometimes my comments tend to get longer than the posts,lol !! But thankfully there are options.

Thanx for blogrolling me. But, wanna point out, you got my spelling wrong.

Its 'C I N D E R E L L A'
not, 'C I N D R E L A'...

Couldja chnage that please...?
Thnx. Said tha in advance hoping you will take care to do so.

Have a great new year.
And I'm linking you too.

Take care.


Me said...

ask animal rights activists if they allows killing of mosquitoes hahahahaha.
Or ask them if they have killed any mosquito yet.

Net Esportes said...

Here in Brazil there are many cases of dengue recently, it is very mosquito here also

Patchez said...

What a post! :D and well, even my new year was spent sleeping.. :P in a blanket.. not even a whiff of a cracker :P

Wish ya a Happy new Year :)

~Fare Well!!

Somya said...

Hilarious post...Wish you a grt year 2008 ahead!

The Mad Girl said...

Another awesome post from Zahid who is always zahid.:).the thing that I hate abt mosquitoes the most is that they sing! arghhh!!!and specs yeah! they are a bother.
Happy New Year. and Happy blogging.:)

zahid said...


SHO SHWEET !!! I in love with extremely large comments !!! I have a way with all kinds of nonsense,,,,yep..was a decent film....comments longer than the posts ...lolz !!! Cinderella rectified

: )) happy new year to you too !!

Jyoti said...

lol! Nice Post!

May the new Year brings new hopes, new promises
and new reasons to celebrate your presence in your lives.
Have a Joyous New Year

zahid said...


I would kill them even if it were illegal !!!

zahid said...

@net esportes

How about a indo brazil treaty regarding mosquito eradication !!! what say ????

zahid said...

@patchez !

*sigh* never mind we will urn crackers some other dya !!!!

zahid said...


Same to you,....have rockin 366 days ahead !!!

zahid said...

@mad girl

Thnx for reminding !!! I forgot to mention it ...their voice is noise to ears !!!!

zahid said...


Thank you...same to you too !!!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Ha ha!That was awesome!Poor you having had to struggle with the insects,cho chad ;)

That "scrap all friends" thingie on orkut really is annoying yaar!

Have a great year ahead Bhai!God Bless

the poet manque said...

hi dude i know u dun know me but foun ya comment on harini's blog

so thought of readin ur blog

oh man! feelin lik me in bunch of creative dexters

gosh! i thought bein poignant culd get ya beauty aroun u but u all create magic with all u hav

n i m jealous never in my a life a gal stared at me...lfmao


zahid said...


Thanks for the empathy shown !!!

zahid said...

@poet manque

Juslike you even i was jealous until the moment this happened.... !!! thnaks for the long comment...I love em very much !!! kudos and a hapy new year to you !!!

little boxes said...

first time visitor to ur blog...
excellent comic sense!
have a great year

zahid said...

@little boxes

I love first time visitors !!! even if they return for another bite... !!! thnx and have a great year ahead !!!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Atleast u dont hav to study for frst yr engg xams.mosquitoes r like boils in the ass

Vandita said...

that was damn funny...poor u with all the mosquitoes, i agree they're a total pain!!
oh n Happy New Year... hope u have a better year than atleast its start :P

Girish (a.k.a) Gary said...

nice post dude.. came across after a reco from friend.. keep blogging..
and ya as an engineer, the martyrdom, i understand :)

zahid said...

@tentacles !!!!

But i have long passed the firs tyea r!!! so no bother abt exmas!!!

zahid said...


Tehy are much more than pain...absolute stigmatism im a misomosquitonist !!! *coined the word !!!

zahid said...


Thnz dude !!!! may i know that nice fren of mine... !!! And engineering martyrdom yeah !!!!

Shayan said... stuff

great post

Happy new year man

Shayan said...

Oh & i fkn hate mosquitoes!!!

zahid said...


Never mind !!! same to ya...and to the mosquitos as well !!!

ad libber said...

I do hope the mosquitoes did not spoil the movie, it is a very lovely creation.
What you did on new year witching hour is what u r expected to do for the rest of the year. So wish you a very Happy New Year of prolongged hours of sleep :D

prachi said...

hmmm..... ur poor spectacles.... i hope they have a moderate life span... u wont leave a long span for them....:D....

and mosquitoes... y dont u try having a bath regularly??? ;) hehe :D

cool post

keep it going
cheers :)

zahid said...

@ad libber

I would love the freedom to sleep all the year but Alas !!!

zahid said...


Hey!!! whoever gave you that idea huh??? never mind....I will still wish you a happy new year !!

Lena said...

it was fun to read :)
as for specs you sure will get used to them and find places for them when needed :P :D

Happy New Year!!
May all your sreams come true :)

zahid said...


Yeah...hope everything comes true ..!!!!

SSNAB said...

hey.. first.. HAPPIE NEW YEAR..


i used to wear glasses b4.. nw i got new pair of eyes wi 20/20 vision.. :D got lasik done :P may be u shud try it.. bt trust me.. ppl look very intellignt wi glasses.. (thts a complimnt)..

even i hate those.. scarp-to-all thingi on orkut..

oh.. Congratulations..
guess ur the first person to have counted no. of mosquitoes..
hey.. bt u shud allow thm to bite ya.. havn't u seen jurrassic park?? they'll take ur DNA.. n whn humans r extinct.. only zahid will remain.. muhahaha..

zahid said...


What ???
Be the lone surviver with nonoe of my blog and real frenz...No way...Drop that idea ssnab !!!

matty said...

mosquitoes do kill u...
i hate them when they buzz me in my ear telling me..."i jus drank ur blood..i just drank ur blood"

well good to see u writing...
i was soo damn lazy and drunk to blog...

but dont worry i am back and i have updated...

zahid said...


Yes....They always sing that song..Perhaps thatz the only one they know !!!