Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The making of WOB !!!

I will start the post with a paradox -
'No one goes to Maths N Tech Club events. It is very crowded'

If the Student Activity Centre a.k.a SAC cannot accomodate the crowd, what will ? So, a brief 'ThanQ' to all the professors who declared class tests the next day and reduced the occupancy of SAC. And 'ThanQ' to God, who rained the premises and reduced the occupancy further and also for cooling the SAC which would have been boiling otherwise.

A sense of satisfaction grips us all for having pulled over the event well. Precisely speaking, the whole event War of the branches went pretty much on schedule. The biggest event of Maths 'N' Tech Club in the odd semester spelt out to be a success with fewer points to learn from than when we started out. There were no quagmires we could have stucked in.

So, this post is dedicated exclusively to its making and execution to those final touches !!!

We conducted War of the zones last year and its concept was so nice that we wanted to make it a trademark of Maths 'N' Tech Club. So when the meeting was called, different inputs were :
"Is baar bhi karna 'hi' hai"
"Arey nahi yaar...Not war of the zones..Professor ko invitation dene gaya kitni daat padi thi..."
"Kyun bhai...."
"Kehte hain tum ne india ko zones mein divide kar diya...."
"Kyun...Ranji cup nahi hota kya college mein..."
"Why not we do War of the branches this time....Mera first year se mann tha ki inter-departmental quiz karein, This is our last chance"(like the rob in Rock on !!!)

Lots of effort was put in the making of the prelims question paper. Really a hefty job. To make it doable to all sections covering all topics and again trying to be innovative and if not possible trying to edit it. Then comes the audio visual round which took more time than we'd thought in the making. Finally the round was made a bit easy because there is no point in showing really wierd clips none has ever seen or couldnt guess even in his wildest imaginations. Our focus was - Let people solve this.

Correction and compiling the data was one big challenge. especially of a 550+ audience. And there were very few question papers left after the distribution. Amongst fears that there would be a shortage, this came as a relief especially because it was also a point of not wasting resources.

Pre-final and final rounds were tailor made such that each time gets a few opportunities before getting eliminated. And the wild card entry was also very well executed.

Finally the war was fought and the podium finish were shared by the two expected teams - Electrical and civil. Though I would have loved to see Royal Mechanicals in there. Prize money was given on the spot and so were the gift vouchers to all pre-finalists and finalists.

And then as soon as the last voucher was gifted, power goes off - Was this sheer good luck ???

Followed by a few brief and necessary as well as unavoidable arrangements we departed - The Happy souls. Final years would know what it meant to pull off this event perfectly.


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Whew!Good you pulled it off in spite of all the glitches :)

Way to go bro!

Quaintzy Patchez said...


Congos! :)

Vandita said...

Absolutely sweet adrenaline rush of college event organization!!
made me smile :)

Solitaire said...

I miss my college days!!

Good work!

S.A.M.B.I.T said...

Seems to br student...
Nice blog....