Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jaane tu ya jaane na.... !!!

"what song will you sing for your loved one?", she asked me.

Skeptical about my singing skills and doubtful she will actually love the song I began :

"Kabhi Kabhi aditi Zindagi, Mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai

Kabhi Kabhi aditi woh bichad jaye to Ek sapna lagta hai"

Yes, this means that this song is at the tip of my tongue now-a-days and that i am waiting for someone to send me the ringtone. And this meand that i liked the movie very much.

I had always been fond of abbas tyrewala from the time he started writing dialogues for comic films and now that he has turned director he has excelled the same.

What i heard of the movie was that it was an youthful entertainer but when i actually saw it, it turned out to be an out and out 'nostalgia begetting one' though i am yet to complete my graduation. Genelia, the actress from the south couldnt have fared better. Though i refrain from praising imran khan who wasnt adequately upto the mark. There is nothing new in the movie's storyline but there is delight on how it is unfolded.

Practicality reflects everywhere in the movie, without any heavy dialogues, and thats one part that makes the movie succesful. naseruddin shah and paresh rawal like ever excellent. And it came at such a time when industry was starving form hits. Needless to mention a.r.rahman's role in the Music. Only thing thats not healthy is the predictability. Very easily can one guess that the creature that died at the beginning was a cat or a dog.

I am all praise for genelia's brother(amit), inspite of his introvertistical attitude. dont know what his name is. And more praise for Sughanda garg(shalini), the lone one who remains single even after the end of story.

One thing thats important i feel in a gang is that atleast one should know how to play a guitar or a violin. otherwise gaana kaise gayenge? And more important is the presence of freedom throwing parents.

I recommend everybody to watch it..... Not as soon as possible but at one's own peril in free time. So long -

Tu Kush Hai to lage ki jahan mein chai hai kushi
Suraj nikle badlon se aur baate zindagi
Sunto zara madhosh hawa tujhse kehne lagi

Ki Aditi woh ko bichadte hain ek na ek din phir mil jate hain
Aditi jane tu ya jaane na phool phir khil jate hain


$hRiNk said...

I might say even i was preety shocked when i saw the telegraph rate the movie at 8.5. Me all in praise for the freshness of the movie. that guy amit is smita patil's son (like mother-like son).

Lena said...

umm... look who is back :D
even i liked the song :)
hope you are back for long!! :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Hey welcome back!

This song is the craze all over.I wonder how come all girls who have reviewed this movie have praised Imran and the guys have goaded about Genelia :P

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

mujhe toh movie hall mein neend aa gyi th :-s

lukkydivz said...

:O i just loved imraan and u say he wasn't up to the mark? lol

abha said...

i agree genela did better than imran..i liked amit tooo...
btw my name's abha..not aloha! yes i am in TIME(thane) n taking CAT this year.

abha said...


Solitaire said...

I loved the movie!! It might not be anything great. But its simple, light, fun..and newcomers did a great great job! I thought Imran is great too considering it his first movie. Can't compare Genelia with him! She has experience!

zahid said...


all points for the freshness ,yes !!!


not just the song, you must watch the movie too


It is no wonder, it is the cycle of life


neend ki goli khaake gaye the kya movie pe....


i stick to my words, I am not afraid of you ~!!! :P


hi !! good to see ya here..you look a real spelling freak !!!

@sneha di

I recommend you another movie - happy days -telugu !!!!

Vandita said...

awww im so gonna miss coll ...
and i loooove the song