Saturday, December 8, 2007

The 8 facts Tag!!

Hey !!! This is my 25th post !!! So, silver jubilleee And over it I'm tagged !!! My first ever tag!!! thanks to divya !!! Who after jus reading one post was kind enough to give me one !!!! (I am smiling like anything) !!!! Okay now tag business!!! Let me start with this pic, which i stole from some blogger's blog who forgot to put up copyscape and anti piracy thing....(I would hav stolen it even if it was there....) Now for the 8 facts !!!!

1. Well, A zahid is a zahid is a zahid !!!! No,No, i dont think i am unique....but just i remebered this quote sayin "You must always remember that you are unique, just like anyone else !!!" I feel very happy bloggin.... Previously i din have any well-defined hobby and had to think a lot when asked about my hobbies....Now i have a defined one!!!!! - blogging !!!

2. Music is always running *playlists enqueued and shuffle on*.....there are some plusses when u r not at home but living alone in your hostel room....I can always jump and go gaga whenever i like without shocking anyone.And i can dance madly whenever i want....*I think i dance good when alone*

3. My bed will have something to complain here...coz i never get off it...No, its not that i sleep for long hours...but i do everythin from studying to eating to almost anything.....the bed is placed in the room in such a fashion that sittin on it i can reach my cupboards, open the door and even engage on the comp. I even *generously* donated my chair alloted to me coz i nevr needed it !!!

4. I never copy in exams..dont know why.... In school i never even showed my answer sheet to however I show my sheet. When another fren of mine came and told how frustrated he was coz he too couldnt copy but all others get extra marks doing this - I felt we were the partners in crime !!!

5. And i hate those (menacing) poeple who pretend to be nice when you go to their homes by putting more rice and more and more mutton chicken paneer stuff...while in actual my tummys filled up....I cant waste food !! i dont like wasting it....but i do it everyday...cant help it...I never finish my plate at hostel !!!

6. And yes....I never promise to anyone because i cant break promises !!! there are some rules i follow and i dont know why i cant break them !!!!

7. And I will marry early in life....may be at 24 ...dunno but i think i need a good fren for life...I got many frenz but no good frenz...perhaps except one !!! *And i wont marry him otherwise they will cal me gay*

8. And i am not all that nice and honest.... I dont mind breaking some traffic rules... read pirated books and watch pirated movies.... stole white sheets from my school so that i could write on it.... remember havin pushed someone into sewage drain when i was 10 and and only once in thrice return if the shopkeeper gives extra change !!!!

Yipeeee!! I completed my first ever tag!!! And as soon as i post it, it will be enjoyment time and i will go back to going gaga and mad merriment... especially my exams being over!!!
And here i tag my frenz who havent had a tag yet too.... patchez manisha pallav somya sneha garima matty

P.S : And i feel so sad, i gotta go home for 2 weeks which means i cant update my blog as i got no net at home !!!!


Setu said...

thanks for the comment :)

Cupid's Best Pal said...

Okay..last nihgt.. i slept at 3.. reading ur blog..

Damn ur good!

i hate to read about trips.. but i luved ur posts bout the hyderabad nd kolkata trips..

seriously i luv u!

PS: um straight.

The Mad Girl said...

:).I never once cheated during exams.Once a friend uttered an answer loud..which even I knew. but I didn't write it because I felt that would be cheating.
and of course after reading your blog I agree Zahid is Zahid is Zahid.

♥busy_writer♥ said...

lol nice nice.. i never copy too. just done that trice in my life! desperate situations. lol.
and music is alwayss playin in my house too! and btw, u were tagged by me too! :x hmphh!
xpectin that one to be done asap too! :D


Lena said...

that was honest!! loved it!
and not copying at exams isnt that bad, i mean then you know your results are really yours, right? ;)
Anyways was a good tage done!! :)

divya said...

Omg zahid does EVERYTHING on bed? lol even my 2 year old little sis does EVERYTHING on bed :P hahahahahahahahaha

And about copying....i dint do it until i came to my final year of engineering. I then realised...what metters is how many marks u get...doesnt matter HOW u got them :P lol i m not misleading u by the way.

Just loved reading the facts :)u did the tag pretty soon :)

Setu said...

lol.. u have really nice blog running here.. keep blogging!

matty said...

nice one!!
even i do a lot of things...
except for d copying thing!!

thanx for d tag zahid!!!!

SSNAB said...

nice post.. funny..
will pakka miss u.. why dont u post extra stuff nw only.. for the two weeks..

zahid said...


Thnx dude for dropping by!!!

@cupids best pal

Thnx...*happy like anything*
will visit your blog soon !!!


I never faced such a dont know what i would do when it happens!!!

@busy writer see i became busy these days too...and amgoin asap maynot be as asap that i can manage

zahid said...


yes...that was honest of me....lolz
And you are right!!!


Naughty you!! comparing me with your two year old sis!!!! i have done your mustnt say all year of engg i will face next year... and yes...not took me two hours to do that tag!!! thinkin on self is tough!!!

zahid said...


dont mention!!!!


extra stuff...hmm..actaully no time..havent packed yet and gonna leave tomorrow!!!

Sameera said...

That was a witty first tag and congrats on your Silver Jubilee post!May you write many many more..

Thanks for the lovely comments you left behind!I loved this oasis too and am adding it to my "oasis"roll :)

zahid said...


Thnq...Thnq For calling mine an oasis too !!! And thnx for what you are goin to do with my oasis !!!

avinash said...

Hmmm.. i can remember that copying part of u... :) i used to do it ..But now not doing(b'coz no book... :D)i must write the xam seeing the goddamn textbook....(..
may i wish u get the gal by 23 itself..coz 23 is a gr8 no... regarding the bed and music...i'm the same...:)..neway wishing for a golden jubileee ....

dreamy said...


Anonymous said...

copying is alright if that's just to get the passing mark 0:)

how else do you expect anyone to clear utter craps like Digital signal processing and Field and Wave thories... I still get migrane attack thinking about those exam days :(

prachi said...

hehe....congrats for ur 1st tag....
though i dont knw exactly wat a tag is.....but i hav done a tag before :D

this one was gud.....reqd lot of thinking. glad to see tht u completed it. m too lazy to think. :D

cool...keep it going

Somya said...

Interesting list of facts abt u...even I never liked copying in exams and thats the reason I always used to prefer sitting in the front row if possible...nowonder my friends truly used to hate during exams...nice and honest post.

Sameera said...

Thanks for blogrolling me too!Par I guess the link opens :)

Have a nice vacation!

zahid said...


Dude..thnx for wishing me a golden jubillee...cartainly looking up for it!!!

zahid said...




Dude!!! i told about my fren in this post ...he said the smae words !!!!


remove all the laziness fast !!!

Thnx for calling me honest....*cant jump in happiness coz not in my room !!!*

nowwhoisit said...

lol.....tht was gud........not copyin in me to the list....i never did until i got into coll but under rehab now........

nice post...saw the prev one too...wht's with the mystery girl newaz.....this is kinda like a movie here....

Gauri Gharpure said...

:) i can relate to the bed thingy... even i never left the bed while in hostel, the chair ws jus used to pile up coltes and books...

Gauri Gharpure said...


Cinderella. said...

Dude..this was indeed a genuine facts tag.
You sound like a cute guy...who knows that he is vulnerable to messing up at times but yet bellieves that he can make it up too...!!!
And i loved what you said about early marriage..24 ??!!
Sho cute...!!!
I guess I gotta get my guy over here and get some inspiration into his head...He's already 24 and doesnt wanna think of marriage untill 2010...!!!
* rolls eyes, thinking ' so typical ' *
Loved this post.

Cinderella. said...

And hey, 2007-a love story was the most adorable post I have come across in a long long time...
I guess I'm gonna have to get bacl here for more.
Kudos !!

p.s : Why dont you just tell her..???

zahid said...


hmm....sure...And rehab huh???


Thts the best thing i am proud of myself


Sho cute of you to drop by...Thnx a lot for those comments and I will tell her soon....perhaps !!!