Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is it virtuous for the world to change?

What is a world ?
God’s curiosity of himself…..

What am I ?
My parents curiosity of themselves…..

# # #A few days ago, I went to the dwelling I was supposedly born. I meddled around the place. Beautiful bougainvilleas…Pink ‘n’ Orange …, the sweet smell of jasmine and the sylvan surroundings fascinated me. I was thinking of what had been here 19 years earlier, what changes besieged the place, what additional beauty was added and what portion of it subtracted.

The place was still undiluted. The now 3-storey building was a one-storey villa when I was born. I grew from my age and the building from its….

I changed…..

From dormancy to activation….
From those small eyes to large flirting ones….
From those pure thoughts to dirty n nasty ones….
From that white everything to that brown everything….
From those pink gums to 32 teeth, none of them white…
From that small boy with 5 little fingers to a 5’9” feet man….
From those bones that never seemed like bones to those that erect me….
From that neck that was barely visible to one with an Adam’s apple in….
From that tongue that never lied to a tongue that never hesitates to lie……

From ‘nothing’ to ‘A desire for everything’….

I have changed with the tons of air I breathed, with the gallons of water I consumed, with love , hatred and influence of thousands of fellow beings……..

The world has changed along with me……Why shouldn’t it?

It has circulated even many tons of air.
It has permeated even many gallons of water.
It has been swept through love and hatred of innumerous civilizations.

------> Z a h i d


manisha said...

hey i did check out ur blog....dis is definitely 1 beautiful thought...really..obv gr8 vocab n ur flow is damn good..putting such thngs in2 words is rather an ardous task....keep it up..thnx for stopping at my blog..bieeeee

Matangi Mawley said...

very nice flow of thoughts.. picturesque!
u write well..

Patchez said...

The musings are truly heartwarming... :)

loved reading it!!