Thursday, March 15, 2007

One thing i dont know why?

To start with, the first thing i dont know why is the title of this blog.

It is really very beautiful to start just like the first page of my dairy.....the excitement that surrounds........ and the hype the heart creates to the other parts of the body........and the reflex actions of those invisible chemical reaction takes place somewhere........fluids seem to displace.........somethings get heavier than they actually are.........somethings get lighter than they are supposed to be.......butterflies seem to flap their wings in your stomach........and an innate sense of fear that i may fail to complete what i have started........

I believe in me......i dont know whence this thought but yes, some thoughts are mind tearing, they kill you over that period just bcoz they cant be escaped without that......some on the other hand are alpenliebe's of little joys. They give you something so you could smile on it secretly or laugh it up before someone you are close with and then when asked why?, you can either tell him the little joy or lie effortlessly, as the situation demands. word i have to use with myself often enough that it has become a regular feature in the thoughtz. One thing i dont know why? why do i have to lie when it is not necessary, not in the least needed?, The truth in its place would have caused perhaps no difference to others but yet a sense of insecurity that will haunt you afterwards for having it said. A feel that somewhere someone is thinking of what you have just said and all of a sudden you are trying to figure out what the hell he is thinking. It will continue till it is interuppted by an external medium, need not be a human, could as well be a phone ringing or an animal passing by or just a decibel >30 sound. I am not against lies but i am against the trying to figure it out part of it.

Against is not the word. Many a times we dont find apt words for what we want to express, this results in the opposite person not being able to get what exactly you want him to get. This is not valid in the case of mainstream and grave discussions but during the informal ones where one single mistake committed by the listener will spoil what you actually wanted to continue saying.

Happy ending is what it requires for anything, even a curse to end successfully.


santosh said...

yah u created it in an excellent way
keep on improving this website my friend and add some useful things for others
all the best

aizy said...

kewl... well.. my writings are a collection of random sparks called as thoughts// rather can be called as a abstract!!...

u have deep knowledge in words, very simplified in expressing.. we both belong to diffent poles., but the things is., without these two poles world wont be balance!!

i accept ya idea of handwriting.. but gimme more details about it..!!